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Can’t wait

I can’t wait to share with you my new series. I’ve been developing this for over a year. And I must say: I am glad I gave it its time. I am madly in love with it – (I’ll share…

The Shadow of Gold

Looking uncomfortable new truths straight in the eye seems to be the best option, I figure. Not having shied away from difficult topics in the past on this blog (nor in my life), this is a new one. If you…

My home-town show

Oh my dear Halifax, how happy I am to be home! Just today, I was interviewed for a documentary series featuring immigrant business owners. Of course I was asked what brought me here (serendipity), what got me into jewellery making…

Introducing my Jewellery Cleaner

My customers have been asking me for years how they should clean their Onefooters, so I set out on a search over the past year and a half to try and find the exact right formula. I tried a number…

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Custom Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire
People tell me they make it their Sunday morning ritual to read my letters. It's a personal look into the life of an artist, with intimate stories, care tips, and of course some exclusive jewellery previews as well.