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Discover the MoonPearl Series

I am extremely pleased to be able to present you with my new work: the MoonPearl Series.  I will be launching the series officially at WestVancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival next weekend.

The study of line has long fascinated me.  In calligraphy – the undulation of a black line of ink on paper , its width determined by the amount of pressure applied to the brush, its fissures on the amount of ink left in the bristles.  In photography – the lines which tree branches sketch across a frame of sky. In the translation of such observations into jewellery design – the winding and wrapping of precious metals as in my Onefooter Series.

My return to pearls was sparked mainly by meeting the right supplier: Montreal brother-sister team Joanie and Pier-Luc are extremely passionate about pearls. I appreciate this passion, and the quality of their wares.

Once I had found the right pearls, I became obsessed to find the perfect design to match the beauty of the pearls. For months, whenever I could, I would spend time on design research – I made sample after sample after sample, until I arrived at a pleasing result. Voila – the MoonPearl Series was born.

Introducing the MoonPearl Series! As always: I like being extravagant in my use of materials – the long piece goes to the belly button, and easily wraps twice if desired

The MoonPearl Swirl circumnavigates the pearl in free-flowing pattern like constellations. If one were to hold in one’s heart a ‘moon of compassion’, this can effect those around us. These are the thoughts which played into the design of those earrings.
Each one is unique and different, yet related, like different thoughts about the same subject.

For the other part of the MoonPearl series, I took the idea of the ‘hand of the maker’, and combined it with the notion of a pearl’s home – the shell. On first glance, the individual sterling elements seem to be shells.  The close observer will discover, however, that these individually hand-fabricated elements are in fact each molded with my own hands, which is evident in them carrying fingerprints: proof of the hand of the maker.

Each piece in this series will be unique and different – no two the same

Whatever work I put out into the world, it will inevitably be a reflection of my state of mind. I really feel that the simple elegance of this series speaks to my having become quite a bit more settled and at ease of late.
May this feeling of peace and ease translate to the wearer!

I only have very few of these pieces with me, so, if you are in BC, come see me soonest at Harmony Arts Festival in WestVan’s Ambleside Park:

Friday, August 2:         2–9 pm
Saturday, August 3:    11 am–9 pm
Sunday, August 4:       11 am–9 pm
Monday, August 5:      11 am–9 pm


Friday, August 9:          2–9 pm
Saturday, August 10:   11 am–9 pm
Sunday, August 11:       11 am–9 pm

I will have more in November at CircleCraft Market in downtown Vancouver, Calgary’s ArtMarket, and Halifax’s CraftNS Winter Show, as well as trunk shows in Ontario (including at the shopAGO in downtown Toronto) and Halifax.

More new rings coming to the website shortly

I am really quite fond of this lil guy!

Aye, it’s been quite the whirlwind season! Since the early Fall, much has happened, but more about that later.

Regardless of challenges, I have been making lots and lots of new OneOfAKind rings with stones. Sadly, you would only have been able to see them if you had seen me at one of the shows on the East or West Coast.  Since I haven’t had a chance to photograph the pieces, I have not yet been able to list them on my website! But I hope to remedy that.

First I take the labels off (not before taking a photo with it on, for the record, which is the kind of photo you see here).  Then I place each individual ring into my little makeshift ‘lightbox’, juggling my desk lamp and my phone/camera/device to get the right angle without getting a reflection of anything in the room.  And then print new labels and put them back on.Patience, patience! At least I get to visit with each gem for a good while this way.

I have quite a few peridot pieces, more rings with 3 stones, and several with amethysts

Now that the private commissions have slowed down, I am starting to find the time to photograph each piece I have in my studio. So keep checking the website for more and more of them to pop up!

Ooooooh yessssss, I did! This is a wild one, isn’t it?

Pop-Up Trunk Show in Halifax

Guess what – I snuck away for the last couple of weeks. Check my social media (especially Instagram Stories) for some pics in the next couple of days! I’ll tell you more all about my trip here on my blog, soon, as well. Right now, I am busy preparing for a last public appearance in Halifax. I was invited by my colleague James Bradshaw to bring my pieces into his gallery for just one day for a pop-up trunk show.  Along with the goldsmiths of Fireworks Gallery (my representing gallery in Halifax), James Bradshaw has been a big inspiration for me for over a decade.

This local artisan has been creating wearable works of art for over 40 years. I had my first visit to his studio as a field trip when I was studying jewellery design and metalsmithing at NSCAD University in Halifax in the late Nineties. The visit to this fully functioning goldsmith’s studio was hugely inspiring to me as a student – a real life example of what the life and work space of a  goldsmith could be like. I have often since then walked past the building and admired it. Thus, I am particularly delighted by the invitation to spread out my works and welcome my clients in this beautiful space.  I’ll have some new pieces with me which haven’t been seen before. So come and check it out!

Monday, December 17th

James Bradshaw Goldsmith
1551 Birmingham, Halifax, NS
(corner Queen and Birmingham)

The iconic building at the corner of Queen and Birmingham Streets is hard to miss


Summer Shows Coast-to-Coast!

I am delighted to introduce a new design of earrings this summer, which will launch Coast-to-Coast this weekend! First, at the CraftNS show in downtown Halifax (Victoria Park, corner Spring Garden and South Park Streets):

Friday, July 20 – 10am to 8pm

Saturday, July 21 – 10am to 6pm

Sunday, July 22 – 10am to 5pm

and then August 3-6 and 10-12 at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver

Fridays •  2pm to 9pm

Weekends • 11am to 9pm

sterling silver in 3 finishes – in this case, with 24k gold

These small stud earrings were inspired by space – galaxies and black holes. Even as a child, I was fascinated by the scale of things. I often imagined being a tiny speck inside a huge being, and then thought about each tiny blood cell inside my own body.

These earrings to me highlight that idea: in them, you could see an entire universe, yet they are tiny. They might be a black hole, holding all of space inside of them.

I hope that they will delight you! Come see them on the East Coast or the West Coast this summer. And they’ll be on the website soon.

The new birthstone rings with genuine gemstones make excellent stackers!

Of course I will have with me again more ‘bling rings’ in the Onefooter Series – lots of special gems. I have not had a chance to update the website – come see for yourself!
I am also finally bringing Onefooter hoop earrings. And of course the Apprentice Series rings containing genuine birthstones for every month. These are a great steal right now – don’t miss the opportunity!

Feeling Mighty

I am extremely delighted to return to Vancouver again this week for the wonderful and fantastic CircleCraft Market.

Being the feature artist for the show last year was completely delightful – it was amazing to see my work in giant size on the sides of busses and on posters all through the Vancouver transit system – Thank You again, CircleCraft, for this honour!

The subway ads were particularly stynning

Last year’s CircleCraft Show subway ads



This 18k yellow gold Onefooter ring is set with a natural unheated sapphire

I was on the Canadian West Coast just a few months ago for the delightful Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver.  There was much interest there, particularly in my solid 18k gold work – I am extravagantly generous in using gold, and this refusal to hold back was much appreciated this summer. I will be bringing many such pieces with me, so come on over that bridge, WestVan, and see me downtown in the Convention Centre West.

Along with an extended offering of my usual lines, I am bringing some exciting new versions of my Onefooter Series. I have been experimenting with setting different shapes and colours of coloured gemstones, and I am completely tickled pink with the results.

Some of the new Onefooter rings with gemstones I will be bringing with me to CircleCraft (left to right): trillion cut garnet, princess cut pink sapphire, natural emerald, oval imperial topaz, and garnet baguette

Some of the new Onefooter rings with gemstones I will be bringing with me to CircleCraft (left to right): trillion cut garnet, princess cut pink sapphire, natural emerald, oval imperial topaz, and garnet baguette

Come see for yourself! Use promo code CCD when you buy tickets online ahead of the show here.    And definitely come early for the best selection!

Show Hours at Downtown’s Convention Centre West:

        Wednesday November 9th     10am – 9pm
        Thursday November 10th       10am – 9pm
        Friday November 11th              10am – 9pm
        Saturday November 12th        10am – 7pm
        Sunday November 13th            10am – 5pm

Then I get straight on a plane to take the red-eye home to Halifax, to get ready for the NSDCC Designer Craft Market at the Cunard Centre November 18-20. I love being able to stretch from Coast to Coast like that.
Makes me feel mighty  : )

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