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My Celebration Series is a collection of genuine gemstone bands for celebrating all occasions: engagement and mother’s rings, birthstone stackers and personal achievement markers.

Depending on the size and quality of the gemstone, these elegant 18k rings might celebrate momentous occasions such as an engagement, anniversary, or other important family milestone. Or they might indicate a personal achievement, or be worn as birthstone or family rings.

If none of the available ones suit, or for custom Celebration rings with one or more genuine gemstone of your choosing, price will vary depending on the type, size, and quality of gem: Inquire about Customized Celebration Ring

In my Dragonfly Series, I use the motif of the dragonfly and create matching bookend copies of each other for earrings and necklaces. In Japan, Dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness. Often used in art nouveau, this motif is irresistibly elegant.

My Flow Series is made of 100% Fairmined ECO Gold. Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from small-scale mining organizations embracing responsible practices. The ECO Fairmined certification goes even further in ensuring there is no use of cyanide or mercury used in the extraction of gold. Read more about my Materials and Sustainability

The exacting cast of a strike-anywhere match for the IGNITE! Series inspires the wearer to new heights of engagement and awareness. Volumes can be spoken about its meaning: find your flame, strike a match. The slightly different lengths of each match creates a more dynamic whole.

The Knot Series was inspired by a photo I took of bare vines against a winter sky. I played with wire for a long time before I found a way to translate what I felt into a piece of jewellery. The square wire juxtaposes the round shapes of the knots, and the piece’s extravagant length conveys an elegant feeling of abundance.
Each piece is individually hand-fabricated, randomly bending the wire in its knot shapes by hand or with simple tools. Thus, every one of these earrings or necklaces is completely unique.

Inspired by my natural surroundings, and in celebration of the pending acquisition of Canadian citizenship, I have developed the MapleLeaf Series taken from real maple leaves. The imprint of fresh leaves is made in wax, then rolled up to build individually unique rings. The texture of the leaves in silver, placed on the finger, is reminiscent of the texture of skin, and thus nature seems to form a cycle, as she does so well.

For the MoonPearl Series, I took the idea of the ‘hand of the maker’, and combined it with the notion of a pearl’s home – the shell. On first glance, the individual sterling elements seem to be shells. The close observer will discover, however, that these individually hand-fabricated elements are in fact each molded with my own hands, which is evident in them carrying fingerprints: proof of the hand of the maker. Read the Moonpearl Origin Story

“Good morning Dorothee, just a quick note to let you know I received my pearl necklace yesterday. Unbelievably exquisite! Thank you so much.” -Sharon

For the OneFooter Series, a specific length of 18k or sterling silver wire first hand-forged, then wound repeatedly into a continuous loop, wrapping around the finger many times without beginning or end. They come in a variety of styles, and in 18k yellow or palladium white gold, or sterling silver, with or without gems. Each can be customized with precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies, or become a ReBirth ring for gems from your own heirloom pieces. Read more about my inspiration for the OneFooter series.

Each handcrafted ring is unique and different; no two are the same.

I make One-of-a-Kind rings based on my OneFooter, Script, Flow, Celebration, Wedding Band, and Knot Series. I love adding diamonds or coloured gemstones to the pieces I make. In addition to the pieces listed here, I can also make you a custom piece. Contact me for custom work.

The Precious Series expresses my love for the materials of the trade. The beautiful buttery 22k gold finds its own way around the rough diamond. Although this is a very contemporary combination of diamonds and gold, this subtle design draws on the tradition of rosettes in Art Nouveau.

The Script Series was originally by inspired by my pilgrimage through India. As one travels South, the writings of this colourful country become more and more fluid.

From these calligraphic lines arose a visual language which was more recently furthered by the ocean which surrounds me here at home in Atlantic Canada.

The Transmit Series are a collection of five necklaces made of genuine freshwater pearls, strung with coral and genuine rice-shaped FW pearls to spell various words in morse-code: “Connection,” “Lonely,” “Love Me,” “Me Me Me,” and “Please.” These were featured at the AUTOMATON20.21 exhibit in Madrid and Toronto in 2020.

These wedding bands are well-crafted by hand from high-quality materials, and will bring joy for years. These unisex bands can be customized in their gold, width, thickness. Inquire about custom wedding bands.

USD prices are estimates only.
Custom Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire
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