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Dorothee Rosen FairMined COLOMBIA - Chede - (c) ARM

Gold with a Conscience: Why I’m using ethical Fairmined ECO Gold

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Why Fairmined Gold?

For months now, I have been experimenting with a new technique, making sample after sample, fiddling with results, and continuously improving the design and new technique. And I have been doing a lot of thinking, because …

Dorothee Rosen Gold in Hand Copia de 1234 (c) Manuela Franco Fairmined Gold

… not only will I be launching a brand-new design Flow Series, I am going to launch this new Series in a very special kind of ethical gold.

Gold, as you may or may not know, can be very dirty business. I have talked about this before in my Artisan Circle letter, touched on it in a LIVE , and reported on my blog. There were panel discussions I was invited to speak on, and conferences I attended.

Flo Ring 03 in 18K Fairmind ECO Yellow Gold

Long story short: I felt the urgent need to do something. To make a difference with my actions. Every purchase decision is a political one. I wanted to make the right one. While the gold I have been using for 2 decades has alway been 100% recycled, I now want to go further.

Goldmining can be disastrous for the environment and the people doing it. I really want to make a difference.

That’s why I’ve created my new Flow Series using 100% Fairmined ECO ethical Gold, and I couldn’t be more proud.

See the whole Flow Series >


What is Fairmined Gold?

Remember hearing about Fairtrade Coffee for the first time, back in the day? Well, this is very similar, except it’s about gold. In the past months, I took the big step to become one of only 11 Canadian jewellers licensed to use gold which is certified Fairmined.

This new Series is entirely made of Fairmined Ecological ethical Gold.

Read more about Fairmined on my Materials & Sustainability Page >

So what does that mean?

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from small- scale mining organizations embracing responsible practices. The journey of the gold is then tightly traced all the way from the mine to the goldsmith, with tight auditing and tracing requirements. Fairmined standards transform mining into an active force for good, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of.

I am truly excited to be creating my newest Series in ethical gold I can feel so good about. Check out the benefits:

Please watch this 5-minute video to learn about Fairmined Gold

I went even a step further: the new series will be made entirely of Fairmined ECO gold, meaning that there is absolutely no use of toxic chemicals. The special characteristic of Fairmined Ecological Gold is its purely mechanical extraction, completely without the use of mercury, cyanide or other potentially harmful chemicals. This is an absolute rarity in gold mining worldwide. For the clean extraction of this gold, advanced mechanical and gravimetrical processes are applied.

In addition, Fairmined ECO gold communities invest in the rehabilitation of native ecosystems, for example the restoration of forests in highly biodiverse areas. You can see how working with this gold would feel ever so good – as will wearing it!

You can get a taste of the destruction regular goldmining, especially the chemicals used, can cause to areas as the Amazon rainforest here:

“River of Gold,” a documentary film by the Amazon Aid Foundation, chronicles a clandestine journey into Peru’s Amazon rainforest to uncover the savage unraveling of pristine jungle by illegal small scale gold mining.

18k Fairmined ECO Gold Flow Series >
DorotheeRosen 18k Ethical Fairmined ECO Gold Flow Ring 03

Oh it’s thrilling to have shared this news with you first, after having worked on it behind the scenes for so long. I am glad you are here to be part of this.

Read more about Fairmined on my Materials & Sustainability Page >

Update 2023

I am now also using certified Fairmined silver for my OneFooter series in silver:

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