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One-of-a-Kind #344 || Onefooter Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with 1.50ct LG Diamond Size 7


Ring Size Guide

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One-of-a-Kind #344||
Grandeur 7

Well what can I say – this time I went all out:
A full 1.50ct labgrown diamond in a classic 18k yellow gold OneFooter ring.

Pretty yummy, right?

The diamond is G colour and SI2 clarity, with an Ideal/Excellent/Excellent cut.

This diamond was created by high Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) growth process Type II – it is a real diamond just like one which has been dug out of the ground, and is laser-inscribed like my certified Canadian ones are. This one just came into existence in a laboratory, not in the depth of the earth billions of years ago.  But it’s carbon all the same.

As for the ring itself: is is, like all of my OneFooter rings, forged from 18k yellow gold, before I wind it to shape the ring.  With this one, I took special care to create an elegant space for the diamond.

I’m loving this one.

PS: apologies but I have not yet had time to take a product shot of this one before I left for the shows; and it may be gone by the time I come back to the studio!

Good news is: I made several more such rings with larger diamonds, and have them at the shows in Vancouver and Calgary with me. I’ll post these as soon as I have some photos of them.

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Poids .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



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