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Most Special Canada Day, ever!

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This year, I had the most special Canada Day, ever. First, on June 30th, I celebrated 25 years of being in Canada. And it just so happened that, in the same week, I finally received notice that I will be getting Canadian citizenship!

(photo by Paige Littlefair)
Making MapleLeaf rings                                   (photo by Paige Littlefair)

This is the occasion for which I originally developed the MapleLeaf series. Little did I know that I’d get stuck in a residency-audit loop that held up my citizenship application for a couple of years. But I still make the MapleLeaf rings. In fact, I made some today!

Fresh out of highschool, on my way to Canada!
Munich, 1989: Fresh out of highschool, on my way to Canada!










The story began here: I left Germany on June 30th,  1989, at the age of 19, for a six-months stint as an au-pair in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I had never been in an airplane before.

I went to Canada to look after this adorable boy. Who, today, is a professional poker player! He is a very smart and very kind person, and I was glad to be in his life.

"Nanny" Dorothée with little Alex, anno 1989
“Nanny” Dorothée with little Alex, anno 1989

I ended up staying with that family for three years, and before I knew it, I was a landed immigrant! I found other work, I began my own family, the rest is history! I definitely now call Canada my home.

I would have applied for citizenship much sooner, if it weren’t for Germany’s tough views on dual citizenship. Luckily, my application for special dispensation was granted, and I will now be a lucky citizen of both countries.

So my Canada Day this year was especially special. Of course that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t in the studio all day and half the night, regardless! Much to do right now, getting orders out to new galleries in California, New Jersey, Ontario, and Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, and preparing for sales trips to an art market in Vancouver, BC, and a tradeshow in NYC. Never a dull moment!

But Oh gosh, I am sure it’ll be very sentimental next Tuesday, when I get to take my oath. I have done sooooooo much growing in this country!

This is the first year I put up a flag outside my front door
This is the first year I put up a flag outside my front door on Canada Day. HAPPY Canada Day!
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