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Fairmined Gold

Peru Protests

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Oh there is just so much violence right now. What is happening in Iran is awful. The suffering continues in Ukraine. Haiti, Yemen, Ethiopia, Myanmar.

And in Peru the death toll of protesters being killed by police is rising. President Dina Boluarte could step down and thus trigger a new election, which is what protesters demand, but she refuses. So sad.

At least 17 dead in anti-government protests in Peru | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
The Ananea region of Peru is where the Oro Punto gold mine is located. It is currently the only mine worldwide with Fairmined ECO status, where small-scale artisanal miners extract gold in the most ethical possible way: by purely mechanical extraction, without the use of cyanide or mercury. This is the mine where the Fairmined ECO gold comes from which I use to create pieces in the FLOW Series.
My trying to support the communities there by working with this traced-to-the-source gold just go more complicated.

I have been told that I may be difficult for a bit to be able to get more of this wonderful ‘gold to be proud of’. Suddenly this precious metal seems even more precious.

By the way I am very excited to have started my journey with North America’s top sustainable jewellery consultant this week. Can’t wait to tell you more about this journey of going through everything I do with a fine tooth comb for 3 months, to make sureI operate at the most ethical standard.

I am grateful for the Province of Nova Scotia to support this quest through their Creative Industries program – Thank You!

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People tell me they make it their Sunday morning ritual to read my letters. It's a personal look into the life of an artist, with intimate stories, care tips, and of course some exclusive jewellery previews as well.