One-of-a-Kind #127 || Sterling Onefooter Ring with Tanzanite, Size 7.5


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One-Of-A-Kind #127
Size 7.5

This hand-forged sterling silver Onefooter ring is set with 3 beautiful tanzanites. Did you know that tanzanite is one of the only gems which precisely matches its name to its origin: Tanzania. Within Tanzania, there is only a very small area where this rare gem occurs – only two kilometres wide and four kilometres long – isn’t that amazing? It’s kind of a cool story: in 1990, the Tanzanian government divided the area into four sections, each allotted to different mining groups. Two blocks are reserved for foreign investment and large operators, while the other two can be mined by locals.

But back to this ring: it is a size 7.5, and the three tanzanite stones are set in full bezels made from 18k yellow gold, to honour the stones the earth blesses us with, and out of respect for the stone cutters who use their expertise to bring out the stone’s beauty.

This is one of the last remaining OneFooter rings in sterling silver with a gem, so don’t hesitate. Want one in gold? Check my Custom Rings.

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