One-of-a-Kind #269 || Sterling OneAndAHalfFooter Ring with Swiss blue topaz in 18k yellow gold bezel setting, Size 7


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One-of-a-Kind #269 ||
Size 7

Goodness gracious, what can I say: I got carried away! … in a good way? I just wanted to see what would happen if I set a really large stone on top of one of myOneFooter rings. Do you like it? I like it a lot!

I had to taper the massive 18k yellow gold bezel , in order to fit this large Swiss blue topaz onto the ring. The use of so much gold effect the price. I really love the statement this ring makes.

Swiss blue with its saturated colour is the most expensive of the blue topazes. In general, topaz is a strong stone, well suited for use in rings. It will maintain its beauty over time.

Not your size, not your preferred stone?  I  can make you a similar ring in your size, with a gemstone of your choosing.  Let’s talk!  Request a Quote

Additional information

Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Ring Size