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Dorothee Rosen Ring Size Guide

One-of-a-Kind Onefooter Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, with Sapphire


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Ring Size Guide

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Every single ring in this series starts out the same way – as a one foot length of 18k yellow or palladium white gold. Then I start forging it to move the metal. After that, the metal finds its own way around the finger, depending on where and how the shape of the wire changes along its length, creating nooks and crannies where the metal wants to bend and change direction.  I often liken it to raising children – you can try to shape them, but in the end, they find their own way.

This process keeps me engaged and making discoveries as a maker all the time, which is delightful. But it means that every single ring is different.

A dark sapphire will be about 0.35ct, a lighter shade 0.5ct. I would be happy to create one in any combination you would like; just contact me, or inquire with a gallery in your vicinity.  The ring generally has 5 loops, but that can vary, depending on how much the metal was forged, and the size of the ring. Average width is +/-1cm (ca. 3/8″). Also available in or 18k palladium white gold. Prices will vary depending on stone.

Let me know what combination you have in mind, and we can start the conversation towards your dream piece. Request a Quote