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Script necklace



Always inspired by my environment, the calligraphic line of the Script series is inspired by my trips through India. Its links are loosely based on the many intensely ornamental scripts of this exotic country, which become more ornamental as one travels South. Thus, this work continues to explore my fascination with line, and line in volume. Particularly interesting here is the attention to detail in how each link is connected: because they are riveted together individually by hand, the necklace lies on the body like a sleeping child in its mother’s arms.

This design was ‘out of print’ for a while, but I have resurrected it, because I really love it. It is very labour intensive to make, and has to be handled with care so as to prevent the hinges from breaking. 

Sterling Silver

Note: I have no more rings in the series left, except one 18k gold version – my favourite one. It will be on the website shop soon!


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Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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