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My passion lies in moving metal, and in making discoveries while doing so.

In this series, each initial length of silver, gold or titanium is forged in various directions before it is wound into a ring. Depending on the initial forging of each piece, each ends up being different! I love how each ring has various looks in itself, conditional on how it is worn on the finger: show the elegant edge where the planes change, or show two widened strips that look almost modernist. Some rings have a little ‘knob’ showing between the fingers, others span over two fingers. Discover the one that speaks to you.

Each ring in this series starts as a length of metal 2 inches in length, and 4 millimeters in diameter. This is where the series derives its name: TwoByFour.


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Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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