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Thanks and see you soon – across Canada

Dear WestVan,

thank you for having me.
The annual Harmony Arts Festival is just such a joy ! I remember the first time I was invited to participate in this wonderful event – and what a delight it has been, ever since! A big round of applause to the many people who make that show happen, including Natalie and her team, and the many volunteers.
Thank you also to all my clients who stopped by to tell me how much they love the pieces they’ve purchased from me over the years – your appreciation really means a lot to me.

I just love the elegant and joyous Harmony Arts Festival


I am back in Halifax now, creating the special pieces that were ordered at Harmony, taking apart old pieces to give them a new life, and filling orders for the many galleries which represent my work. This week, I participated in a local show, the FullMoonMarket at Halifax’s historic Keith Brewery building.

Next month I look forward to the annual Garlic Festival, which will be held on the grounds of Avondale Sky Winery on Saturday, September 21st. This event is more fun that you’d think – keep the date earmarked if you are in Nova Scotia! I love the spirit and gorgeous setting of that one.

After that, I will go further afield for a couple of appearances outside of Toronto:

on Friday, Sept 27th, I plan to be at Mountain Galleries East as part of the Stratford’s Culture Days. This will be a new gallery for me, and I’ve never been to Stratford, so am looking forward to that! That weekend, Sept 28 & 29, I will be in Alton Mills at in Caledon, Ontario, for a trunkshow at Gallery Gemma Jewellery Arts, as part of the celebration of their annual Art Show Weekend and the 10th anniversary of their Arts Centre.
November 7- 11 will see me back in Vancouver downtown at the convention centre for the fabulous annual CircleCraft Market – this year earlier than usual!
Following this I will be in Calgary for the first time, at the Calgary Art Market, November 14-17 . Really looking forward to that one!
Finally, a trunk show at Toronto’s shopAGO tops off my travel show list. This will take place on November 19th. Meanwhile, my work will show at Halifax’s DesignerCraft Winter Show 2019

And whenever I am not on the road, you are most welcome to come see me in my Halifax studio! Simply make an appointment by emailing hello@dorotheerosen.ca, or by calling 902.422.9460.

I love meeting clients in person, and so I am excited to be able to offer more meet-the-artist opportunities. See you soon across Canada!

See you soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

Now that the holiday shows on both ends of the country are over, I wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone who came to say Hi in Vancouver and Halifax.

My booth at the Halifax show.

I really enjoy taking my work out in front of people, appreciate people coming by to show me the ring they bought years ago, and/or finding out what I have new.

Lots of interest in Vancouver, as always

I got a big response to this little video from show-set-up in Vancouver, so I thought I’d share it here (there are more of them on my YouTube Channel):

Hey readers, what do you think: should I come to the OneOfAKind Show in Toronto?

The Halifax show-set-up looks a little different, because I can lug everything there straight from the studio on my neighbours open truck

Speaking of which: things have been so busy that I have not had time to update the website with all the OneOfAKind rings I had finished for those shows. So: if you are looking for a specific size or stone, drop me a line and I’ll see what I have on hand! I will try to update the website in the next couple of weeks as I am able.

This is what I had on hand in silver OneOfAKind Onefooter rigs in Vancouver on Day 3

I am also planning a Pop-Up show for downtown Halifax mid-December – likely Monday, December 17h. Stay tuned for details!

My new employee Manisha was visited by her family, and is showing them what we make


Vancouver’s CircleCraft Market 2018

Well, my friends, I can’t quite believe it, but it appears that it’s time again already for me to return to Vancouver. August’s Harmony Arts Festival in West Van seems just yesterday!

I am very excited to come once again to downtown’s CircleCraft Market.  It is always a pleasure to be amongst such excellent artisans such as these. This year, there will be over 300 exhibitors. I can’t wait to check out the 70 new ones!

SpaceDot studs, sterling with 24k gold

As usual, I will have with me new Onefooter rings in 18k gold or sterling silver, set with Canadian diamonds or exquisite coloured gemstones. I always do something quirky and a little different happening. This year, I am thrilled to bring you my new-to-the-West-Coast tiny SpaceDot earrings, and also announced the unveiling of a new line! What that new line looks like will remain shrouded in mystery until the show doors open at he Convention Centre West on Wednesday morning at 10am. However, you may have been catching glimpses on my social media such as Facebook or Instagram. I’ll tell you one thing: I have started playing with new natural materials. Ooooh, I am pretty excited; I love it a lot.

The sad news is that, with my apprentice leaving abruptly this Fall, I was able to only complete a handful of the new works. SO: come down early if you want to see what I’ve been up to! Coming early also assures the best possible selection of Onefooter rings (I have not had time to put the new ones on the website – too busy making!)

Beat the ticket line-ups and save money by buying your tickets* ahead of time online, using the discount code CCM at checkout. Also consider visiting CircleCraft with a friend with 2-for-one tickets after 5pm (Wed-Sat). Also good to know that, from 4 pm to 7 pm on Wednesday through Saturday, enjoy $2 off the house beer and wine at the wine bars in the exhibition hall. Just sayin’ … holiday shopping is hard work and needs rewarding.

Show hours are as follows:

Wed November 7 through Fri November 9 – 10AM-9PM
Sat November 10 – 10AM-7PM
Sun November 11 – 10AM-5PM

Do stop by the booth and say Hi, if you already have one of my pieces; always love to chat.

See you there!

* Regular ticket prices are Adult – $15,  Senior (65+) or Student (with ID) – $12,  Groups (10+) – $11. Under 12 – free!

Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax

Ah, it’s that time of year again: time to bring the pieces I make out of the studio, and meet my clients in person at shows, Coast to Coast.

This year, I will have 3 stops: Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. 

The CircleCraft Market in downtown Vancouver is one of my favourite events of the year. The event is excellently produced, and it is always a joy to see fellow crafters and chat with West Coast clients, and of course meet new ones. I’ve been here two days already;I got so busy making the work, I didn’t get around to telling you about it! This year, you will find me in booth #332.

Following that event, I particularly look forward to the opportunity of doing two trunk shows in Ontario for the first time. I am beyond thrilled to be sharing these with one of my biggest idols: Canadian jewellery great Janis Kerman. 

I only met Janis once, years ago, and was completely star struck. She has been making jewellery almost as long as I have been alive, and continues with relentless perseverance and complete elegance. Gallerist Noel Guyomarc’H recently wrote an entire book which journals her career.

The Ontario events, hosted by Gallery Gemma, will offer an intimate setting for these Pop Up Jewellery shows, “By The Power of 2 •  2 locations, 2 award winning artists, 2 dates

The Toronto Yorkville event will take place at the Liss Gallery, one of Canada’s top art galleries for collectible investment art, on Tuesday, November 14, from 10am until 6pm.

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, we will be at Gallery Gemma Jewellery in Caledon Ontario, inside the award winning Alton Mill Art Centre, 10am to 5pm

I truly look forward to these events, and hope to see some of my Ontario clients in person, to show of some pieces with very special stones I have been making lately.

Following Toronto, I will of course see my Nova Scotia peeps at the annual Designer Craft Show at the Cunard Centre, November 17-19.

I also have a private event up my sleeve, for later in November. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details.

Thanks, CircleCraft Market Vancouver!

I have just returned from the CircleCraft Market in Vancouver. I very much enjoy coming to Vancouver twice a year to show my work, and look forward to returning again in the summer, for CircleCraft Summer and the Harmony Arts Festival. Here are a few impressions of my last visit!

Upon arrival to set up the show, one always gets this amazing view of Vancouver harbour from below the Convention Centre West.

I love this view

I love this view

Set-up went smoothly, thanks to my wonderful uncle Gary Zumar, who lives in Vancouver and always helps me out.  Upon leaving on set-up day, I found this:

These banners with my rings on them would greet visitors all week

These banners with my rings on them would greet visitors all week

The ads all over town had caused quite the stir, and so I had a very interested audience for talking about the Onefooter rings, throughout the show.

Photos of my rings, and of my hands at work , adorned the busses

Photos of my rings, and of my hands at work , adorned the busses

Even the subway platforms showed my hands (photos by Paige Littlefair) and my work (photos by Christina Arsenault):

The subway ads were particularly stynning

The subway ads were particularly stunning

All this made mine a very popular booth:


The flow of people at the booth was steady

People were particularly interested in seeing the many variations of Onefooter rings with colourful sapphires. I even had one with a ruby, and some with very nice tourmaline, one of which found a happy new owner.

Trying on rings

Trying on rings & asking questions

The highlight of the show was when a couple whom I had been working with over the past couple of months, came to pick up their commitment rings. It remains amazing to me that I get to play this huge role in couples’ lives – Thank You!

These two were as excited as I was!

These two were as excited as I was!

the happy couple with their custom made commitment rings

The couple had me make them a 18k palladium white gold Onefooter ring with princess cut blue sapphire, and a white gold MapleLeaf ring

Lastly: I got a treat, too. Craftspeople have a very hard time not falling in love with each other’s work. This time, I returned with a particularly special piece: my epic new teapot, which Lynn from Red Pot Pottery (Surrey, BC) has painstakingly ornamented in her precise yet whimsical way. Here it is, on the wood stove back in Halifax, where I have been preparing for the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council annual Christmas Market. It opens tomorrow morning – hope to see my regulars there!

I love my new teapot!

I love my new teapot 🙂

See you this weekend, Halifax!


As always: come early for the best selection


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