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Congratulations and Thank You, Noël!

I am extremely honoured to be part of an exhibition opening this Friday in Montreal, Quebec: 20/20/20
20th Anniversary / 20 Canadian Artists / 20 International Artists

The amazing Noel Guyomarc'H, champion of contemporary jewellery design in Canada

The amazing Noel Guyomarc’H, champion of contemporary jewellery design in Canada

at Galerie Noël Guyomarc’H Bijoux et Objets Contemporains 

The exhibition will highlight the diversity and richness of this artistic practice, while illustrating Noel Guyomarc’h’s achievements of the last 20 years. Like many of my 19 Canadian and 20 international colleagues represented, I created pieces especially for this exhibition. These very new pieces were inspired by my attendance of a workshop this summer with internationally acclaimed artist Ruudt Peters.  I won’t reveal until after the opening!

Congratulations to Noël on 20 years of extremely hard work presenting the best in contemporary jewellery design. Sorry I cannot be there to celebrate with you; I will be at my booth at the Dalplex Market in Halifax this weekend.

Besides my wonderful professors during my studies at NSCAD University, Noël is certainly one of the most important figures in my career as a designer and maker of jewellery, and I will be eternally grateful for his support and feedback over the past 13 years. Joyeux Anniversaire, Noël!

Noel gives contemporary jewellery time and space in his gorgeous gallery

Noel gives contemporary jewellery time and space in his gorgeous gallery

Noel Guyomarc’h has received praise from a number of highly respected figures in the field:

Melanie Egan, Director of Craft & Design, Harbourfront Centre, writes:      Much like contemporary art, contemporary jewellery expands our view of ourselves, culture and the world-at-large. The uniqueness and attraction of contemporary jewellery is its connection to the body; conveying message and meaning at an intimate level. Jewellery artists exploit and re-contextualize the perception and place of jewellery in a contemporary society. The body is the mode of transit and threshold for communicating ideas thus contemporary jewellery is a potent vehicle of self expression. At the vanguard, supporting this creative practice is the indefatigable Noel Guyomarc’h, who for over 20 years has been the champion, educator and advocate for contemporary jewellery in Canada and internationally through his superb gallery and outreach activities.”

Toni Greenbaum, Brooklyn, New York; author, Messengers of Modernism: American Studio Jewelry, 1940-1960, writes:        “As an art historian specializing in 20th/21st century jewelry and metalwork, I’ve followed the trajectory of Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h since its inception. I was introduced to the gallery shortly after it opened, at its first location in a downtown cultural building, as I was associated with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts at the time, and was visiting the city frequently. I credit Noel with exposing me to the richness of jewelry from Canada, although he certainly shows some of the best international work, as well. Noel’s knowledge of the field is boundless; his taste impeccable. I wish him continued success, as he adds a unique perspective to a broad-based aesthetic.”

Susan Cummins, Chair of Art Jewelry Forum, art jewelry collector and Director of the Rotasa Foundation, has this to say :         “The Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h is involved in a grand scheme. They want more people to know that there is an art form that you can wear. It is called art jewelry and it is mostly made by well educated jewelers who use unconventional materials and techniques with great skill to express new ideas about jewelry. The gallery is dedicated to explaining what the artists are saying. It is a full time job creating an understanding of this new but at the same time ancient art form. Their exhibitions and displays give value and visibility to this medium in order to increase the audience. Museums collect it and write about it and Noel Guyomarc’h plays a big role in promoting it.”


I am sure the gallery will be much more crowed than this on Friday, in celebration of its 20th anniversary!

If you are in Montreal, do not miss this amazing exhibition, and meet Noel! The gallery is located at 4836 Boulevard St-Laurent.

Square One

Materials and Process – Passions of a Goldsmith – that was the title of my graduating exhibition at NSCAD University’s Anna Leonowens Gallery in 2004.  So long ago! Good early perception, though: I already knew that my passion for the materials and processes of this amazing trade of gold/silver/copper/metal-smithing is what drives me.

My heart and soul went into my NSCAD U graduating exhibition

My heart and soul went into my NSCAD U graduating exhibition

That exhibition marked the end of a tremendously important time in my life.  It was hard to figure out the logistics to keep going following graduation, two kids in elementary school and suddenly no studio. But my passion kept driving me further. I set up a studio in the Arts Annex of the Seaport Market and kept working towards another solo exhibition two years later, this time at the Mary E. Black Gallery. It was a time of tremendous outpouring. I think I will post some photos from those shows, one of these days.

Tonight though, I happened to stumble across a poem which I wrote somewhere around that time. It’s a little intense – I hope you don’t mind my sharing it here. Even to myself when reading it again after quite some time, it illustrates what’s ‘behind it all’, this passion for a dialogue with the metal which drives me, and which – incidentally – is also what makes me happy. How lucky is that?

Gotta look for some of those still ‘listening’ moments in the next bit, I think.  I am so glad I found this. Brings me right back to square one. Best place to be, hands down.


And such is my passion for making

that the search for the right form to
emerge from the material before me

And such is my passion for making

that this search pains me in the
innermost center of my soul – the same place love hurts –

And such is my passion for making

that when I see a form which is perfect for
its moment in time and space
(some call this ‘good design’)
that such a perfect form brings the sun to my face.
I weep with joy over such good fortune.

And such is my passion for making

that I wither when I stop
that I dream it day and night
completely unshakable.

And such is my passion for making

that I drink its textures its sounds its weight its dirt
I drink them like nectar
like frozen Bombay Sapphire
never enough.

Such is my passion for making

that it hurts.

When I realized this
I became terrified.

Now I stand in awe
before the materials which are
pregnant with stories, laden with hidden forms.

I want to draw them out
I wish to help them emerge
I desire to see them.

I concentrate, still,
examining each step carefully
Listening intently.

Dorothée Rosen, 2006

At my bench in 2007. Photo by Paige Littlefair

At my bench in 2007. Photo by Paige Littlefair


Special showcase during Nocturne – Art at Night

I am delighted to announce that, beginning today, there will be a special exhibit at Fireworks Gallery  in Halifax, as part of Nocturne – Art at Night. Nocturne is an amazing annual event, bringing art to everyone, for free, every year. I love the event, and it’s been a tradition in our family to wonder the streets together that night and continue to be amazed. We hop on and off free transit, often being serenaded by artists along the way, going from exhibition to exhibition.

I am excited to be part of this exhibition

This is a small and brief, yet mighty exhibition

I am honoured to be in this exhibition with my colleagues and fellow NSCAD alumni, for example Catherine Allen, and Berkeley Brown.

One of Anna Lindsay MacDonald's map-inspired pieces

One of Anna Lindsay MacDonald’s map-inspired pieces

It is nice to be in a show with Berkeley, whom I have known since she was a little girl, and who got her first tastes of jewellery-making in my studio many many years ago. Since graduating from NSCAD, she has spent a lot of time in the UK to further her training.

I had been in classes with Anna Lindsay MacDonald, whose work often revolves around maps, and George Hope.

And there are some artists whose work I am not familiar with: jewellery and glass artist  Emma Gerard, Leah Hannakko, K.Claire MacDonald, who does interesting work combining painting and metalsmithing, and Patrycja Zwierzynski, who seems to be collecting a lot of awards.



I set some Canadian diamonds into gold Onefooters for the occasion, and this will also launch the MapleWrap rings in Halifax.

So come on by during Nocturne, or any time this weekend. The show will be up starting today, and to the end of Monday, October 21st. Fireworks is located at 1569 Barrington Street. Don’t forget to check out the awesome decorative ironwork on top of the building, which I wrote about here!  Thanks so much to Fireworks Gallery for supporting local artisans, not only through exhibitions such as this one, but through buying local for decades!!!

The new MapleWrap rings, each made from a different leaf!

The new MapleWrap rings, each made from a different leaf!


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