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More new rings coming to the website shortly

I am really quite fond of this lil guy!

Aye, it’s been quite the whirlwind season! Since the early Fall, much has happened, but more about that later.

Regardless of challenges, I have been making lots and lots of new OneOfAKind rings with stones. Sadly, you would only have been able to see them if you had seen me at one of the shows on the East or West Coast.  Since I haven’t had a chance to photograph the pieces, I have not yet been able to list them on my website! But I hope to remedy that.

First I take the labels off (not before taking a photo with it on, for the record, which is the kind of photo you see here).  Then I place each individual ring into my little makeshift ‘lightbox’, juggling my desk lamp and my phone/camera/device to get the right angle without getting a reflection of anything in the room.  And then print new labels and put them back on.Patience, patience! At least I get to visit with each gem for a good while this way.

I have quite a few peridot pieces, more rings with 3 stones, and several with amethysts

Now that the private commissions have slowed down, I am starting to find the time to photograph each piece I have in my studio. So keep checking the website for more and more of them to pop up!

Ooooooh yessssss, I did! This is a wild one, isn’t it?

A time of Fruition

I love this time of year so much – the abundance of the earth’s fruits evident everywhere. We also see of course the havoc which nature can create – my thoughts go out to those effected by the storms and turmoil in the world. It’s been an interesting year.

Harvest Abundance

The colours just about took my breath away at the Farmer’s Market yesterday

While I was in Vancouver for the Harmony Arts Festival, under hazy skies and a sense of worry from forest fires in interior B.C., several clients picked out gemstones from my collection, for me to put into custom-made Onefooter rings. I have been busy making these since coming back to my studio. Over the last weeks, I have finally been able to send them out.  It’s been such a joy to receive messages such as this one:

“Wanted to let you know I received your beautiful ring today. Love, love it!
Thank you for designing my one of a kind gift!”

This is the image which arrived with the above comment – how sweet!

I did not know this until she wrote that sweet note:  this custom ring with the Australian sapphire she chose on-site in WestVancouver was the present her husband gave her for their 33rd wedding anniversary! I was so touched to be able to play a role in such a milestone.
Similarly, I had created another anniversary gift a little while back – if you follow mean Instagram , you will have seen me write about it.

This was probably the most gorgeous sapphire I have ever had the pleasure to set!

This ring was celebrating 20 years. I had such fun working with the husband, whose care for his wife became evident in the meticulousness with which he worked with me, long-distance and via emails, to choose exactly the right stone.  I, in turn, worked with my stone merchants Martine and Benedicte from Pierres de Charme to find this perfect sapphire. And together, THIS happened!

I am very honoured and it fills me with joy to be able to do these very special projects. Here is another custom ring from Harmony Arts, in case you missed it on Instagram:

Lastly, this is one, below, I still have – it’s size 7.5, and is $980. The red spinel is just so pretty! Did you know spinel was recently added as a birth stone for August. True story.

Ok well I’m off to go sailing our little wooden sailing dinghy – probably one of the last times this year. Hope you are having a fabulous equinox weekend!

Style Advisor & Custom Onefooter Rings

I was so delighted to have been given a big splash in a recent edition of the Globe & Mail’s Style Advisor, in an article about the jewellery scene in Nova Scotia. It is very nice to receive such acknowledgement, and I am honoured to be mentioned amongst some of the folks who stuck it out here in Nova Scotia. Most jewellers eventually move to bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver, where suppliers and subcontractors are much more easily accessible. You need a diamond for a client in a hurry? Just head on over to Queen Street. Et cetera, et cetera. It does get lonely here in Nova Scotia, but I would never want to leave.

What a surprise to open the glossy magazine of the national newspaper, and find this!

Since the article was published, I have had several inquiries about custom pieces, and so have decided to talk a bit more about this process in the next few posts. I also did something very exciting – I added a ‘create your own estimate’ page, where I have ballpark figures for those wanting to have me create something special in the Onefooter series.

This is a custom Onefooter ring in 18kyg, set with rose-cut sapphire

For example, in order to create the ring pictured here, I worked closely together with the client and her husband. As they live in Halifax, they came in a few times to look at stones. They had the good fortune to come in just as the stone merchant had left – as a result, they had an amazing (and perhaps overwhelming) variety of stones to choose from. Initially we thought it might end up being a red spinel, but in the end, this oval rose-cut sapphire won her heart over.

Choosing a stone that suits the ring and pleases the client.

Here is a series of photos of stone placement options. I had sent it to clients of one of my representing galleries, this one is Seattle, WA, so that they could be involved in the design process.

The differences are subtle; look closely as the possible placement of the stone setting shifts from picture to picture.

If you have been thinking about perhaps having a special ring made, head on over to this new page on my website and play around with some ideas and combinations: www.dorotheerosen.ca/design-your-own-custom-ring/

With Rings on My Fingers and Bells on my Toes …. Returning to CircleCraft in Vancouver


My hands – making Onefooters, and wearing a Twofooter

I am very excited to return to Vancouver next week for the annual Circle Craft Market. This year it feels like I am coming into that fair city on the other end of our changing country with ‘rings on my fingers and bells on my toes’. Why do I feel this way? Because I was chosen as the feature artist this year,  for the market and its advertising including bus, banners, posters on subway stations, and print material.

Look at that! Have you seen it in action?

Look at that! Have you seen it in action?

This is such a very special treat, and only possible because of the great black and white photos Paige Littlefair took of me in the studio one day with her old-fashioned film camera. There just is nothing like the feel of a real photo – it’s just different from digital, I can’t tell how, I just know it is.  I am very grateful to Paige with her patience, skill, and good eye (Paige is about to become a mother – Good Luck, Paige!!). And then Christina Arsenault took wonderful crisp photos of my work – mainly the Onefooter Series, which are featured in the CircleCraft banners and posters.

Look: a 18k yellow gold Onefooter ring with Canadian diamond, a Twofooter ring, and a silver ring with sapphire in 18kyg bezel ... and the hands that made them!

Look: a 18k yellow gold Onefooter ring with Canadian diamond, a Twofooter ring, and a silver ring with sapphire in 18kyg bezel … and the hands that made them!

I am still on the complete other end of Canada, in the middle of which exciting things happened today, with the swearing-in of our snazzy new prime minister. I am still here, finishing rings and starting to pack, getting ready for the trip across this entire large country of ours. And that means: I can’t see those banners and posters! So I am asking for my readers’ help –  those of you in Vancouver: if you see my work or my hands on posters or banners in your beautiful city, please let me know! Send me images to post, or share them yourself on social media, using the hashtags @dorotheerosengoldsmith #OnefooterRing, and @Circlecraft (if you don’t use these hashtags & handles, I won’t know that you have posted the images). You can find me at InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.  I would be ever so delighted!

And please: do come see me at CircleCraft Winter Craft Market in Vancouver November 11th through 15th at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.  Get your  tickets online before Nov 11th, and use promo code CCM for $3 off admission! And then come see me in booth #241

I look forward to seeing you there!

Get your discount before show start online!

Get your discount before show start online!


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