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Caveat on using the term “recycled gold”:

While I am very careful to source my precious metals only from SCS® certified suppliers, who are also members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, I want to point out that ‘recycling’ gold is not what is commonly understood by the term.

True recycling avoids things ending up in landfills. Gold, of course, wouldn’t.

Instead, gold is simply melted, refined and repurposed.

Although SCS certified refineries must maintain auditable records of their suppliers, there are loopholes globally which make it very easy for gold from irregulated and/or illegal sources to enter their supply chain.

This makes even certified recycled gold untraceable, or guaranteed free of human suffering.

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What Ring Size am I?

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How do you figure out what ring size you are in a reliable way? This has been something that had come up often as a jeweller, helping my clients find the right size for custom and online jewellery. The most accurate method is for me to send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer in the mail.

1) Best ring-size method: Visit My studio
...Or visit a professional jeweller in your area
2) Next best method: Free Ring Sizer
3) Other method

I am not a huge fan of this, but for simpler ring projects and quicker sizing, you can try this printable guide (with all printing for the purpose of sizing, make sure you have your print settings at 100%, and test against a ruler before proceeding – this is very important!). You can also follow these instructions:

Dorothee Rosen Ring Size Guide

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Custom 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire by Dorothée Rosen
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