I never knew how hard it was to tie a ribbon with nitrile gloves on, but I am learning!

In my line of work, being extremely mindful of surfaces, and taking precautions in general, is part of the daily routine: protecting airways from particles in such processes as sanding and polishing, protecting skin and lungs from chemicals used in making jewellery – these are a daily reality.

Gloves Covid19 Jewellery Making Precautions

This is why I can say with confidence that I am taking every precaution when shipping during the COVID19 world pandemic. Halifax, Nova Scotia, is still a very safe place. Regardless, I have put very strict measures in place to help #FlattenTheCurve.

3M Mask Covid19 Jewellery Making Precautions
Here are the specifics:

Personally, I am extremely cautious: I only go into public if absolutely necessary. I wear gloves when I enter a store, which I immediately discard when I leave the store. I disinfect items I bring home, or leave them untouched for 5-9 days (the curation of time COVID19 can live on glass, and plastic, respectively). of course I wash my hands extremely well and often, and disinfect surfaces which are touched often. I have dramatically placed awareness to and changed my habits regarding touching my face, sneezing, etc.

I have sent my staff home.

When I do have a rare visitor to the studio, I have set a new counter in place which separates them from me much more. After a visit, all surfaces which they have touched are disinfected. Should they have touched jewellery, it sits in rubbing alcohol bath ( 99% ) before it gets returned to stock.

Any jewellery is disinfected before it is sent out, and I wear gloves for packing up orders.

Gloves Covid19 Jewellery Making Precautions Shipping
My online shop is wide open. You can feel confident when you order!