Many people have gold jewellery kicking around which, for one reason or another, they no longer wear. These might be concerns of aesthetics, size, or they may be deep emotional reasons. One way or the other: gold can most definitely be recycled, and made into something brand new.

Here is how that works:

I’ll say right off the bat that it is a lot more complicated than you would think. I cannot simply melt the gold into a new ring; this would compromise the strength of the gold itself, as the precious metal could become brittle from being melted repeatedly. In order to do this correctly, your old gold will need to be refined first to 24k purity, then re-alloyed (mixed with other metals to make it 18k), and then used to cast a custom piece, or made into the 18k gold wire I use to forge you a new gold Onefooter ring from.

The way this works in real time is that I credit the trade-in value of stamped and hallmarked gold, and subtract that value from the price of your custom piece. Depending on the quality of the stones in your original piece(s), I may be able to use some, or all of them, in the creation of a new piece.

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Here are some examples of rebirth rings I have made for my clients:

A rebuild for a 20th anniversary

The diamonds came out of the original ring, and into the new one

This simple solitaire and wedding band set are about to get a make-over

This massive Amethyst was the client's grandmother's . It looked great in its rebirth form atop a 18k yellow gold Twofooter ring

A completely newly imagined version of the ring that originally held these stones

This full carat stone got a new home in a 18k yellow gold Onefooter ring