Dear Dorothée, I discovered your Twofooter Rings at the Vancouver Art Gallery this weekend and it was as if I had encountered the ring I’d always dreamed for myself and would make if I were a goldsmith. Thank you for your beautiful creations! [Later when the ring arrived] Thank you for sending the beautiful two footer over to the Vancouver Art Gallery with my name on it. It reached me, it fits perfectly, and I love it.
Hi Dorothée, I found my perfect ring at the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville. Aquamarine stone, gold setting and silver one footer. It is absolutely beautiful and fits like a charm! I love being able to wear a piece of art. Thank You for such an exquisite creation.
Hello Dorothée! Years after our meeting, I have finally purchased one of your rings yesterday. I was in a local shop, the Two Macs in Margaree, and gasped. “Dorothée’s rings!” One fit me perfectly (a one and a half footer in silver) and could not leave it behind. Your work still stirs something profound in me – I can’t say exactly why that is… it evokes movement, fluidity, flexibility, and echoes the twists and turns of life… maybe that’s it. Thank you for the beauty you bring through your work.
From Mariève
Hi Dorothee, thank you very much for my beautiful ring. I love it! It is exactly what I have been looking for!
Dorothee, I was nervous using my mother’s ring for sentimental reasons, but I am so glad I did! I love the ring and I can now wear it instead of it sitting in a jewellery box. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Dorothee, just got my ring and I LOVE it. I’ll be sure to praise your work whenever someone admires it. I hope to be a repeat customer!
Just a quick note to let you know how very happy I am with my ‘one footer’. It’s absolutely perfect.
Hi Dorothée, I received my ring today and am thrilled with the result! Thank you very much. I am glad I found you.
Rosecut Diamond Ring
Love it! Hi Dorothee – Thank you so much for making me a new ring. It fits and I love it! The ring arrived promptly, just before we left town for a few days with friends. The ladies both noticed my new ring – and commented on how beautiful it was and how perfectly it suited me. Can’t thank you enough…. Warmly, Karen
Hello Dorothée,Thank you very much for my ring! It’s gorgeous, perfect and I love it!
Our paths crossed at the Designer’s Christmas Craft Sale at the Cunard Centre and that memory of your unique and beautiful one footers seem to take root in a corner of my mind. Many months later, when I was finally able to look through my dear late Mother’s jewelry box did I think of you again. Taking her engagement ring given to her by my Dad over 70 years ago, and placing those stones in one of your designs marries both a memory of my Mom and Dad with a contemporary piece of art…the best of both worlds and a special keepsake. I so enjoyed the entire process from our first meeting in your workshop to final receipt of my stunning one footer. You are so talented and so much fun! Thank you.
Palladium White Gold Diamond Onefooter Ring
Hi Dorothée, I received my ring yesterday. It’s perfect!!! Thank you for re-sizing and adding the extra loop. I love it. Exactly what I wanted.
Knot Rings
Hi Dorothee, I received the ring today. I just LOVE it!!! It fits perfectly and looks nice on. Thanks so much, Cindy
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