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What Ring Size am I?

How do you figure out what ring size you are in a reliable way? This has been something that had come up often as a jeweller, helping my clients find the right size for custom and online jewellery. The most…

Dorothee Rosen Palladium White Gold One-Of-A-Kind #249 with .28 ct G_S12 Diamond Size 7

Palladium White Gold

EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. PALLADIUM WHITE GOLD Yellow gold certainly has been making a huge come-back. But let me introduce you to an alternative: 18k palladium white gold.  This intriguing precious metal is relatively new to the market,…

a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap clean a gold and diamond ring

How to Care for Your Jewellery

EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. JEWELLERY CARE Handcrafted jewellery was made with great care; it is lovely to treat it in the same way. Generally, follow common sense: shower or wash your hands and put on lotions, perfumes or…


August birthstone: Spinel

EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. Spinel  •  August’s Birthstone I bet half of you will be surprised to read that there is a birthstone for August which you’ve never even heard of? It’s true – and what a beauty…

Expert Advice FAQ Dorothée Rosen Soldering 2

How is Jewellery Made? Fabrication

EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. How is jewellery made? Fabrication As explained in my last article about casting, some designs lend themselves to being created in wax and then being cast from molten metal. Other designs are better suited…



EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. More info on my Materials and Sustainability page .> Let’s have a look at gold today – not the stock market version, but the good, hard, solid, wearable variety – a view ‘from the…

Dorothée Rosen Casting How Jewellery Is Made

How is Jewellery Made? Casting

EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. How is jewellery made? Casting Have you ever wondered how jewellery is made?  Almost any piece of precious metal jewellery comes to life by being either ’fabricated’ or ‘cast’. Let me tell you about…

Placing Sapphire Stones for Handmade Rings


EXPERT Expert Advice with Dorothée Rosen. Sapphire, along with ruby, emerald, and diamonds, have been the most important precious gemstones for centuries. Let me tell you some things you probably didn’t know about this popular gem! Colour As diamonds are…

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Custom Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire
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