Vancouver’s CircleCraft Market 2018

Well, my friends, I can’t quite believe it, but it appears that it’s time again already for me to return to Vancouver. August’s Harmony Arts Festival in West Van seems just yesterday!

I am very excited to come once again to downtown’s CircleCraft Market.  It is always a pleasure to be amongst such excellent artisans such as these. This year, there will be over 300 exhibitors. I can’t wait to check out the 70 new ones!

SpaceDot studs, sterling with 24k gold

As usual, I will have with me new Onefooter rings in 18k gold or sterling silver, set with Canadian diamonds or exquisite coloured gemstones. I always do something quirky and a little different happening. This year, I am thrilled to bring you my new-to-the-West-Coast tiny SpaceDot earrings, and also announced the unveiling of a new line! What that new line looks like will remain shrouded in mystery until the show doors open at he Convention Centre West on Wednesday morning at 10am. However, you may have been catching glimpses on my social media such as Facebook or Instagram. I’ll tell you one thing: I have started playing with new natural materials. Ooooh, I am pretty excited; I love it a lot.

The sad news is that, with my apprentice leaving abruptly this Fall, I was able to only complete a handful of the new works. SO: come down early if you want to see what I’ve been up to! Coming early also assures the best possible selection of Onefooter rings (I have not had time to put the new ones on the website – too busy making!)

Beat the ticket line-ups and save money by buying your tickets* ahead of time online, using the discount code CCM at checkout. Also consider visiting CircleCraft with a friend with 2-for-one tickets after 5pm (Wed-Sat). Also good to know that, from 4 pm to 7 pm on Wednesday through Saturday, enjoy $2 off the house beer and wine at the wine bars in the exhibition hall. Just sayin’ … holiday shopping is hard work and needs rewarding.

Show hours are as follows:

Wed November 7 through Fri November 9 – 10AM-9PM
Sat November 10 – 10AM-7PM
Sun November 11 – 10AM-5PM

Do stop by the booth and say Hi, if you already have one of my pieces; always love to chat.

See you there!

* Regular ticket prices are Adult – $15,  Senior (65+) or Student (with ID) – $12,  Groups (10+) – $11. Under 12 – free!

BIG news!

Look what I did:

photographer Marvin Moore captured our special day

Yup. that’s right: a few weeks ago, I married my sweetheart of ten years, and friend for 30. We had the simplest of ceremonies, right in our living room. My best friend, who happens to be a justice of the peace, officiated. The only guests were my two daughters.

It was simple, and really fun. We hadn’t dreamt anything up – we just were.   The vows were followed by champagne and oysters right there and then. The only ‘formal’ thing we did is have photographer Marvin Moore take a portrait – in a beautiful spot right around the corner from our home – a place where I often go to collect leaves for my MapleLeaf series, actually!

As you might know if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I practice contemplative archery. That ancient art has many rituals, including that of purification of the four directions, which we did at the start of the whole thing. That’s how we ended up wearing Japanese formal clothing. My now husband had found this incredible silk kimono years ago in Kyoto. This was the perfect occasion to wear it. It is hand painted and has decorations with real gold threads – how perfect for a goldsmith, don’t you think? 

After the photos, a quick change before we went restaurant-hopping to our four favourite Halifax restaurants, meeting one favourite couple in each place for a short stint to share the joy. Thank goodness they are all small-plates restaurants: Bar Kismet, Fieldguide, Highwayman, and Little Oak

Show us the ring, show us the ring, you say? Even though I had proposed with a ring I made, I later found out that it is said to be inauspicious for a goldsmith to make her own wedding bands. So, master goldsmith Ha at Fireworks Gallery in Halifax made my husband’s 22k band, and I now wear a beautiful set made by an artist I met at a jewellery show in Las Vegas a couple of years ago, the wonderful Adel Chefridi.

If you are in Vancouver, come have a close look at the CircleCraft Market, November 7-11 downtown. Buy your tickets online ahead of time using promo code CCM!

Content and joyful at the end of that beautiful day

Introducing my Jewellery Cleaner

My customers have been asking me for years how they should clean their Onefooters, so I set out on a search over the past year and a half to try and find the exact right formula. I tried a number of them, and I have finally found the one I am happy to pass along to you!

The Onefooter rings in silver, set with coloured precious and semi-precious gems, are very popular. Their only drawback is – they are silver! And silver reacts with the chemicals in skin and air –  it tarnishes, it just does.

You have probably heard of some jewellery cleaning tricks over the years … from toothpaste and vinegar to Mr. Clean, bleach and boiling water with aluminum, most of these suggestions are either dangerous for your jewellery, or your health (or both), or just not effective. Personally, I have found some commercially available silver jewellery dips just too harsh – they change the surface of the metal, I just don’t like it.  I once was mailed a ring which a client had left in such a solution for a couple of hours … it wasn’t pretty – the silver had basically been eaten. Plus they smell awful.

So I am delighted to offer this middle way: it IS a dip, but an extremely gentle one. This means you will still need to apply a bit of ‘mechanics’ to get your jewellery shiny as new (utilizing the included brush, and afterwards the polishing cloth). I have decided that this is what I am happy to offer to my clients.

This ammonia-free cleaner is especially formulated to clean gold and silver jewellery, including all types of delicate and porous gemstones (and even pearls and opals). So it’s perfect for the Onefooter Series, including the ones with stones.

It is an effective, surfactant-based formula, especially designed for delicate pieces.  Unlike other jewellery ‘dips’, ours has a gentle gardenia scent. A dipping basket and touch-up brush are included in your kit. The jar is clear, so that you can see your piece while it’s in the liquid. The basket makes it easy to lift it back out. Yup – I really really thought about this a lot, and tried all kinds of things before I settled on this combination: clear jar, basket, brush, cloth, and a golden box to pack it all away in*.

This kit also contains a polishing cloth, which is designed to clean and polish the finest gold, silver and platinum jewellery. The non-rouge inner cloth is treated with a trade-secret formula to remove any leftover tarnish and discolouration, and to restore lustre without scratching or removing the finish.  Finally, buffing with the 100 percent cotton outer cloth provides a gleaming lustre.

So how exactly do you do it?  First, you immerse your Onefooter in our cleanser for two minutes. In that time, use the included brush to gently loosen any stubborn dirt in crevices of your Onefooter. Then rinse your piece under running water, and dry it. After that, it’s time for a touch-up polish with the polishing cloth. Alternatively, our cloths can of course also be used alone. They are perfect for travel. So there you go: you are all set for always shiny, always fresh bling! I am so happy to finally give you this solution – literally.

You can order these on my website here. And I will bring them to Vancouver with me when I come again for the CircleCraft Market (I’ll be in booth No G11).

*Have I mentioned what great stocking stuffers these will make?

West Vancouver

This was my view for most of my time in West Vancouver: my booth at Harmony Arts

I am so excited to be back in the studio after my Vancouver Summer Show, the Harmony Arts Festival. This lovely event is held on the shores of WestVancouver, and includes not only artisans of high calibre, but also lots of live music and many other cultural events.

I just love the festive tents of Harmony

I really have quite the following in Vancouver now, and it is delightful when clients stop by to show me the rings they purchased from me in previous years, or just to say Hi and check in. There are such great stories in connecting with these delightful people! In fact, I am about to publish a guest post of such a story – keep your eyes peeled, it’ll come up soon!

I had had the pleasure to create this very special custom Onefooter ring for this client, who stopped by to show it to me on her hand, and to try on some Apprentice Series rings

I took a bit of time off this year, in between the two weekends, and had a lovely hike in Lynn Valley with my delightful colleague Roberto Fioravanti. I also got to know my booth neighbour Kathleen Tennock who’s work I have been admiring for years. Effie Baker (a native Nova Scotian!) was most kind to me by giving me a ride every single day to and from the show from my AirBnB room, which was not located quite as advertised (it was all the way at Queens Ave and 22nd – not ‘easy walking distance’ to Harmony, as advertised!!).

For those who don’t know: WestVancouver above Marine Drive has a very steep incline. Google Maps tells me that elevation along the 1.5 km from the bottom to the top is 142 metres! It’s great for the thighs to walk up, but down quickly became painful for the shins.

QUITE the hill!

The remote location did give me the unexpected benefit of several ‘sightseeing’ tours through West Vancouver, since the small bus that I took to get to and from the grocery store zigzags through many of the streets above Marine Drive. On these occasions, the disparate collection of houses in this area becomes very evident: what probably used to be cottage country has few of the older quaint homes remaining behind impressive greenery, where most have been replaced with modern, mostly glass & steel mansions.

This is one of the newer WestVan homes – not nearly as steel-and-glass-heavy as most

The good thing about that location was that there was a lovely view of the water ( even IF far in the distance), including during the annual fireworks competition. Growing up, fireworks were something very special in our family – they only occurred on New Year’s Eve, exactly at midnight. And so I associate fireworks with a very festive and elegant feeling – we would drink champagne and -without fail-,  classical music would be playing. To this day I have not figured out how to synch the grandiose fireworks display of Vancouver’s Celebration of Light with the music it is intended to go with – I keep trying! I have downloaded the app, tried to find it on the radio, etc etc.  Can someone point me in the right direction, please? I find fireworks without music just so sad. Fireworks are an art in their own right, and I feel that much is lost if the visual display occurs without the auditory accompaniment.

So if you have figured out how to listen to the music for which each fireworks display is created – by all means, please let me know!

And see you at CircleCraft Market, November 7-11 at Convention Centre West, downtown Vancouver! 

Summer Shows Coast-to-Coast!

I am delighted to introduce a new design of earrings this summer, which will launch Coast-to-Coast this weekend! First, at the CraftNS show in downtown Halifax (Victoria Park, corner Spring Garden and South Park Streets):

Friday, July 20 – 10am to 8pm

Saturday, July 21 – 10am to 6pm

Sunday, July 22 – 10am to 5pm

and then August 3-6 and 10-12 at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver

Fridays •  2pm to 9pm

Weekends • 11am to 9pm

sterling silver in 3 finishes – in this case, with 24k gold

These small stud earrings were inspired by space – galaxies and black holes. Even as a child, I was fascinated by the scale of things. I often imagined being a tiny speck inside a huge being, and then thought about each tiny blood cell inside my own body.

These earrings to me highlight that idea: in them, you could see an entire universe, yet they are tiny. They might be a black hole, holding all of space inside of them.

I hope that they will delight you! Come see them on the East Coast or the West Coast this summer. And they’ll be on the website soon.

The new birthstone rings with genuine gemstones make excellent stackers!

Of course I will have with me again more ‘bling rings’ in the Onefooter Series – lots of special gems. I have not had a chance to update the website – come see for yourself!
I am also finally bringing Onefooter hoop earrings. And of course the Apprentice Series rings containing genuine birthstones for every month. These are a great steal right now – don’t miss the opportunity!

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