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NS Craft Fall Sustainability Through Craft Members Exhibition in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Sustainability Through Craft: Craft Nova Scotia’s Members’ Exhibition

Start date: September 22, 2023
End date: November 5, 2023
All-day event
Location: Mary E Black Gallery, 1061 Marginal Road, Suite 140, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Art Exhibitions

Sustainability Through Craft: Craft Nova Scotia’s Members’ Exhibition

Gallery Hours:

Sunday 11 am – 4 pm.


1061 (Suite 140) & 1096 Marginal Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Exhibition Statement

Sustainability Through Craft is a thought provoking, participatory exhibition. Through various craft practices and mediums our members explore the four Pillars of Sustainability: Social, Cultural, Economic and Environmental.

Craft Nova Scotia is honoured to present our 2023 Annual Members’ Exhibition!

Twenty-one of our members from across our region explored the four pillars of sustainability: Social, Cultural, Economic, and Environmental through their craft practices and mediums of choice.

This year there is a twist! This exhibition is comprised of both works of fine craft on display at the Mary E. Black Gallery AND two community engagement projects, taking place at different locations during the 6-week exhibition. This combination will be a radical stimulus for the interconnectivity of community, craft, and sustainability.

This participatory exhibition brings together traditional craft practices and new ways of thinking. It reaches beyond the boundaries of our Mary E Black Gallery and connects with other regions throughout the province. In addition, this project aligns with and supports the province’s climate sustainability strategy, and aids in increasing the awareness of environmental impacts that the Craft sector both imposes and suffers from.

NS Craft Fall Sustainability Through Craft Members Exhibition in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

The Four Pillars of Sustainability:

Environmental Sustainability – considering and understanding the effect that our actions have on the environment around us. This can include things like the use of natural resources, the disposal of waste, and the cultivation of sustainable food sources.

Economic Sustainability – how economic growth affects the craft industry, in turn, individual crafts people’s livelihood, and the economy as a whole.

Social Sustainability – is considering the impact craft has on the local community, its contribution to enriching lives, as well as mental health.

Cultural Sustainability – thinking about the cultural significance of craft objects and techniques. This is especially important when it comes to traditional practices, that have a strong presence in local cultural heritage. The cultural pillar is particularly important because craft plays a key role by providing jobs to local workers and preserving the local heritage for future generations.

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