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Dorothée Rosen’s Silver Dip Solution


I am so pleased to finally have found the right solution for cleaning sterling silver. This dip will brighten your day by brightening your sterling silver pieces in no time flat! Simply insert the tarnished piece into the liquid in the included dipping basket for about 4 seconds, slightly agitating it. Remove promptly and immediately rinse well under running warm water, then dry with a soft cloth!

This is perfect for my OneFooter Series, and all of my sterling silver products without gemstones*. If you have stubborn dirt in between the loops of your ring, loosen with an old toothbrush and some dishsoap before using the dip.

I looked for years for a silver cleaner which I was happy to put my name on. This is it! It is by far the easiest and fastest to use, without containing abrasives (as toothpaste does) which would eventually dull your piece. However, this means it contains chemicals. Therefor, this product is not suitable to use on my rings which contain gemstones.  Please read other precautions below before using this product.

8 FL. OZ.

Avoid contact with all other metals, pearls, and porous stones (i.e. coral, turquoise, etc.).  The same instant cleaning action that removes tarnish from silver will also remove factory oxidation. Factory oxidation is the dark, shadowy background on silver that highlights the rich, sculptured look of the pattern. Oh, and it smells. But it works!
Contains thiourea. If taken internally, call a physician immediately. Keep away from children.

*if you are looking for a product to clean your fine jewellery or rings containing gemstones, head on over to find my Gentle Jewellery Cleaning Kit – it’s perfect for those applications!

For further instructions on how to clean & care for your jewellery, head on over to my FAQ


DOWNLOAD Silver Dip Instructions (PDF)


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Weight .380 kg
Dimensions 7.2 × 7.2 × 7.2 cm

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