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Europe Trip, Part One: Markets and Walks

As some of you might know, I went to Austria and Germany this past December. I thought I’d share a bit about that adventure here. As I am writing, I realize that this trip was so rich, I will tell you about it over several posts – like a Mini-Series.

Even though I was born and raised in southern Germany, I had never been to Vienna. What a city! I can’t even begin to do it justice here.


We were extremely lucky to be hosted by dear friends in the heart of Vienna. They took us around everywhere, and offered the most delightful experiences.

You’d think that the famous Viennese Christmas markets would have been a target for a visit. Yet, we noticed that our hosts deliberately walked big circles around each and every one of them. Stirred by memories of Christmas Markets of my childhood, I finally asked to visit a specific small one (recommended by Janet, of Viennese background, who sells apples at our local Farmer’s Market): Spittleberg.

The Spittleberg Christmas Market is not in an open square like most others, but along a quaint little street

But what I found was much changed from the markets of my own childhood: sadly commercialized, and not a single ‘artisanal’ offering was actually locally made. Most of them carried imported mass produced items. A sad sign of the times.

One day, we hiked through the wintery vineyards on the outskirts of Vienna. From here, we could see the Danube. Our host explained the importance of this river to the history of Vienna. 

The river Danube in the distance

Our host, Martina, has her roots here: she was baptized in the church on the hill:

The church on the hill is one destination on these kinds of walks

One thing worth mentioning about our Vienna visit: we had been there a week before we realized that our hosts owned a car. They were so used to going everywhere on foot and/or by public transit, the car did not appear until a week into our visit. A very interesting fact, culturally speaking, don’t you think?

That’s it for now. I’ll tell you more soon! I’ll cover these topics:

     Part Two: Gallery Visits
     Part Three: Churches
     Part Four: Eating Culture
     Part Five: Kyudo, and an Unforgettable Gift
     Part Six: Germany

Road Trip!

Last night I got back from a mother-daughter road trip to Westchester, New York. This was a big adventure, and I will be sure to tell you more about this in my next post. But for now, I want to tell you about some visits I made along the way!

The galleries that sell my work are really important to me – I feel that they are direct extensions of me. I hand-pick the galleries like I hand-craft each piece I make. I care about the men and women who work hard to further the work of us artists, and who are ultimately the reason we can be in our studios and make things by hand. 

I love road trips

I like connecting in person, and I love it when I get to see the space and location where my work meets new wearers and nurtures collectors. And thus, when I found myself stopping in St. John, New Brunswick, I at least peeked in the gallery windows of the very new Buckland Merrifield Gallery. It being early on January 1st, unfortunately the gallery was closed, but it’s still nice to see it! I hugely admire co-owner Shannon Merrifield for opening a fine craft gallery in 2015 – she has been working hard and the gallery is gorgeous and thriving.

The Buckland Merrifield Gallery in St. John, New Brunswick

When staying overnight in Portland, Maine, I stopped by my representing gallery there, Abacus. I had a lovely chat with some of the staff there.

The Abacus Gallery in Portland

Down the coast, I visited David and Clint at Compliments Gallery in Kennebunkport. I was amazed to see their fantastic collection of jewellery, and what  a charming town Kennebunkport is. I enjoyed my conversation with David and Clint so much, I forgot to take a photo!

Then we hit the road again, all the way to Tarrytown, NY – a sweet town, snuggled against the Hudson River. Ooooh, wait until I tell you about our adventured there! Let’s just say it involves fantastic food and an amazing daughter.

On the way back I booked my flight with a layover in Toronto, so that I could quickly check in on the shopAGO at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was a pleasure to meet some of the staff there! I’d better send them more work soon though.

The great displays at the shopAGO was part of why I selected that gallery to represent me in Toronto

Ok, and now I’ve got to get back to my work bench!

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