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Crossing Paths Rings on Model

My Creative Journey aka Retired Pieces

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Over the years there have been many pieces that have come into fruition from my imagination into metal, and then at some point my inspiration shifted and other Series evolved. Here is an archive of some of my retired collections. 

TwoByFour Series

In this series, each initial length of silver, gold or titanium is forged in various directions before it is wound into a ring. Depending on the initial forging of each piece, each ends up being different. I love how each ring has various looks in itself, conditional on how it is worn on the finger: show the elegant edge where the planes change, or show two widened strips that look almost modernist. Some rings have a little ‘knob’ showing between the fingers, others span over two fingers. 

Each ring in this series starts as a length of metal 2 inches in length, and 4 millimetres in diameter. This is where the series derives its name: TwoByFour.

This product won BEST NEW PRODUCT award at the 2013 Atlantic Craft Trade Show in Halifax. 

Cronos Series

These little sterling silver and gold studs subtly relate to the concept of time. can you see the reference to a clock face?
The diameter of the smaller version was 9mm, and the larger is 12mm.

Some of my representing galleries still carry these, including TRŌV Object Gallery. I still have one 18k gold pair in studio at the time of this writing! Contact me to find out more.

Branch Series

The BRANCH Rings in sterling silver were created to be midi rings (worn on the second digit of the finger), but they seem to fit many people as pinky rings.

Inspired by vines in my garden, these delicate, organic rings brought much joy to wearers young and old.

Crossing Paths Series

This series consisting of rings and bangles. People meet. Their paths cross. Each piece was individually hand made, and were about those interactions. It created a simple yet elegant form on the finger or wrist.

These simpler versions of my OneFooter Series rings were not forged, and had a more architectural feel. 

Rock Series

This series was inspired by the coastal rocks I encountered when sailing along the Nova Scotia shoreline in my little sailing dingy. I was fascinated by how the rocks fit together and stack on top of each other, as if tossed there by a giant hand.

I enjoy how the rock surfaces give a sparkle that is reminiscent of gemstones. One of my clients called the rings “The poor man’s engagement ring.” Thus, the title ‘rocks’ also hints at the slang word for diamonds.

Each piece is made in a lost-wax process from scratch, and is unlike another.

Good news: you can still buy these through TRŌV  Object Gallery

Connection Series

I delight in knowing how hard it was to move the metal, and love how it looks so easy, so slight, almost tender, just like touch. The gaps in the left and right of the ring allow room for the adjacent fingers.

The exacting cast of a strike-anywhere match for the IGNITE! Series inspires the wearer to new heights of engagement and awareness. Volumes can be spoken about its meaning: find your flame, strike a match. The slightly different lengths of each match creates a more dynamic whole.

MapleWrap Series

These rings arose as a combination of my fascination of the continuously varied textures of my Maple Leaf Series and my love of line, of winding things up to see how each layer snuggles up against the next. And thus, the Maple Wrap rings were born: each one, the fresh impression of a unique maple leaf, wound up in its own particular way. These rings are both feminine in their gentleness, and masculine in their bold strength. Each ring is made from an individual, fresh Maple leaf.  

I do still have a few of these left for sale in my MapleLeaf Series.

Hello Stud Earrings

Oh – say Hello! These simple little sterling silver studs relate to being open to meeting new folks, situations, sights, sounds.

The outer diameter is 6.5mm. Both were hand made in sterling silver and came in brushed sterling or with black patina.

Also still available  through TRŌV Object Gallery

Apprentice Series

With the Apprentice Birthstone Series, I had answered my clients’ requests for birthstone rings with genuine stones – a rare find! In order to improve the stone-setting skills of my then-apprentice, I had him set these small stones into rings. I later started making these rings myself, calling them, “Birthstone Rings” and they have evolved into my Celebration Series.

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