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Caveat on using the term “recycled gold”:

While I am very careful to source my precious metals only from SCS® certified suppliers, who are also members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, I want to point out that ‘recycling’ gold is not what is commonly understood by the term.

True recycling avoids things ending up in landfills. Gold, of course, wouldn’t.

Instead, gold is simply melted, refined and repurposed.

Although SCS certified refineries must maintain auditable records of their suppliers, there are loopholes globally which make it very easy for gold from irregulated and/or illegal sources to enter their supply chain.

This makes even certified recycled gold untraceable, or guaranteed free of human suffering.

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Expériences Clients

Cela m'apporte toujours une telle joie d'entendre les gens qui achètent mes bijoux ou créent une pièce personnalisée avec moi. Vos histoires sont uniques. Voici quelques expériences clients partagées. Je me sens touché à chaque fois que je les relis.

Harriet sent me a spontaneous video she recorded upon receiving the ring I custom created for her special birthday. I loved receiving this! 

I met Dorothee at the Circle Craft Fair in Vancouver in November. I really liked the ring she was wearing and asked her to make me the exact same one. The finished product arrived before Christmas and its very lovely and unique. The craftmanship and customer service have been just great. Will definitely be reaching out for a matching bracelet sometime in the future.
Dorothée, thank you so much for the perfect ring. It is keeping the other perfectly in place. Thank you also for sending your pens - I always appreciate good pens.  ( that was a special touch). Have a wonderful summer. Again thank you.  You are amazing
Hi Dorothée….I picked up the necklace and have been wearing it for an hour now. Just love it. I can’t believe how fast it got here. Thanks for all your work to get it to me in time. This is definitely a very special heirloom piece. It shall be travelling with me on vacation next week and when it is not around my neck it will be in it lovely felt home.
I’m happy, happy, happy…
Well it is on my finger and I do not think it will be coming off. It is absolutely beautiful. It is larger than I thought it would be and that is great. It really looks like waves, which is my most favorite thing. Thank you so much for getting it to me for Christmas. All the best to you and your family.
Hello Dorothée, we haven’t met but I discovered your work at the Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h in Montréal. I splurged and bought a one-footer AND a two-footer to wear on the same hand and rock a stylish, groovy look. The springy flexibility of the rings make them really comfortable and they are as wonderful to the touch as they are to the eyes. Thank you for creating such beautiful wearable art.
My ring arrived today, I am more than thrilled with its beauty 😍. Thank you so very much for creating this one of a kind heirloom for me. I will cherish it!!
Dorothee Rosen OFRO testimonial Amy
Good morning Dorothee! I am SO happy! This ring is the most beautiful ring I ever saw! I am so grateful that you could made it smaller. Thank you again! Have a wonderful day!
I am just thrilled to death. It is so beautiful just to look at; it's so shiny and sparkly. The ring fits perfectly: it's not too tight, it's not too loose. I just couldn't be happier with it. So once again, thank you so much for bringing a little sparkle into my life. You are a true master and craftswoman, and thank you for bestowing your amazing talents on me. Thank you again.
DorotheeRosen | Custom 18ky Script OCEAN | 1.32ct LG diamond E VS1 EXEXEX
Hi Dorothée, I wanted to send you an email to say how pleased I am with my exquisite one footer ring that arrived today. I’ve wanted one for years and have always been waiting for the right time to buy one. Turns out that day was this past Saturday! I was actually dancing when I opened the package, and to find that you had taken the time and care to wrap it and tuck in a note made it even more special. 

I am so proud to wear this piece! Thank you for creating such gorgeous and interesting jewelry - I honestly couldn’t be happier with this ring that feels like it was made just for me. 
I just wanted to write to say: This ring is GORGEOUS. I love it so much. Thank you!!! I will be back!!!
Good morning Dorothee, just a quick note to let you know I received my pearl necklace yesterday. Unbelievably exquisite! Thank you so much.
Espérons que vous pourrez montrer vos incroyables beautés cet été?! Je l'espère. Sinon, durant le Christmas Circle Craft Show. Les gens commentent votre collier noué, maintenant le mien. Ils l'adorent. Prends soin de toi. (Traduit de l'anglais)
Chère Dorothée, j'ai découvert vos bagues Twofooter au Vancouver Art Galerie ce week-end et c'était comme si j'avais rencontré la bague que j'ai toujours rêvé d'avoir et que je ferais si j'étais une joaillière. Merci pour vos belles créations! [Plus tard, quand la bague est arrivée] Merci vous d'avoir envoyé la belle bague TwoFooter au Vancouver Art Galerie avec mon nom dessus. Ça m'a touché. Elle me va parfaitement, je l'adore. (Traduit de l'anglais)
Bonjour Dorothée, j'ai trouvé ma bague parfaite à la Harvest Gallery de Wolfville. Pierre aigue-marine, monture en or et un pied de fil d'argent. Elle est absolument magnifique et me va comme un charme! J'adore pouvoir porter une œuvre d'art. Merci pour une création aussi exquise. (Traduit de l'anglais)
Once more Dorothee, the new ring you designed for me brings joy to my heart! Your expertise and my imagination have created a stunning treasure...............It is beautiful, thank you! :-)
One-of-a-Kind #280 || 18k palladium white gold Onefooter Ring with Canadian diamond set in 18k yellow gold, Size 8
Bonjour Dorothée! Des années après notre rencontre, j'ai enfin acheté l'une de vos bagues hier. J'étais dans un magasin local, les Two Macs à Margaree. «Les bagues de Dorothée!» Une d'entres elle m'allait parfaitement parfaitement (la bague OneAndaHalfFooter en argent) et ne pouvait pas la laisser derrière. Votre travail remue encorequelque chose de profond en moi - je ne peux pas dire exactement pourquoi c'est… cela évoque mouvement, fluidité, souplesse et fait écho aux rebondissements de la vie… peut-être que c’est ça. Merci pour la beauté que vous apportez à travers votre travail. (Traduit de l'anglais)
From Mariève
Salut Dorothée, merci beaucoup pour ma belle bague. Je l'aime! C'est exactement ce que je cherchais! (Traduit de l'anglais)
Dorothee, I was nervous using my mother’s ring for sentimental reasons, but I am so glad I did! I love the ring and I can now wear it instead of it sitting in a jewellery box. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Dorothee, just got my ring and I LOVE it. I’ll be sure to praise your work whenever someone admires it. I hope to be a repeat customer!
Crossing Paths Three Loop Ring in Sterling Silver
Just a quick note to let you know how very happy I am with my ‘one footer’. It’s absolutely perfect.
Hi Dorothée, I received my ring today and am thrilled with the result! Thank you very much. I am glad I found you.
Rosecut Diamond Ring
Love it! Hi Dorothee – Thank you so much for making me a new ring. It fits and I love it! The ring arrived promptly, just before we left town for a few days with friends. The ladies both noticed my new ring – and commented on how beautiful it was and how perfectly it suited me. Can’t thank you enough…. Warmly, Karen
Hello Dorothée,Thank you very much for my ring! It’s gorgeous, perfect and I love it!
Our paths crossed at the Designer’s Christmas Craft Sale at the Cunard Centre and that memory of your unique and beautiful one footers seem to take root in a corner of my mind. Many months later, when I was finally able to look through my dear late Mother’s jewelry box did I think of you again. Taking her engagement ring given to her by my Dad over 70 years ago, and placing those stones in one of your designs marries both a memory of my Mom and Dad with a contemporary piece of art…the best of both worlds and a special keepsake. I so enjoyed the entire process from our first meeting in your workshop to final receipt of my stunning one footer. You are so talented and so much fun! Thank you.
Palladium White Gold Diamond Onefooter Ring
Hi Dorothée, I received my ring yesterday. It’s perfect!!! Thank you for re-sizing and adding the extra loop. I love it. Exactly what I wanted.
Knot Rings
Hi Dorothee, I received the ring today. I just LOVE it!!! It fits perfectly and looks nice on. Thanks so much, Cindy
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Custom 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire by Dorothée Rosen
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