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Custom Handmade Gold Jewellery

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Dorothee Rosen Gold Bling Custom Gold Rings Jewellery
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Whether it’s a tribute to an heirloom, an anniversary gift, a present to yourself, a unique handmade engagement ring, or anything else, I’m looking forward to creating something special with you. In addition to customized rings, I can make customized FLOW necklaces and KNOT earrings too.

While I still create my favourite lines in sterling silver, I now create custom pieces only in gold, not silver.

Unless it’s a very simple ring, customized and ReBirth (ie repurposing your own heirloom diamond) rings start around $3,000.

Custom Jewellery Inquiry

What to expect next?

Dorothée will respond to you personally within a week to explore creating your dream piece.

Custom Rings Gallery

An assortment of bespoke gold rings crafted exclusively for clients

“Rebirth” refers to resetting clients’ own gemstones.

Read about their Expériences Clients.

Dorothee Rosen Ring Sizer Sizing Tool
Unsure of your size? These complimentary plastic ring sizers will give you your exact size. Alternatively, you can also see my size guide here.
USD prices are estimates only.
Custom 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire by Dorothée Rosen
People tell me they make it their Sunday morning ritual to read my letters. It's a personal look into the life of an artist, with intimate stories, care tips, and of course some exclusive jewellery previews as well.