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Fairever sustainable gold

Sustainablity Award

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A little break

As this year is rushing to the finish line, I have been a busy li’l elf in my studio. Except for Friday afternoon, when I took a delightful trip to Nova Scotia’s South shore. Ever inspiring!

What I’ve been working on

Back in the studio, I will admit: it is great fun to work with such gorgeous materials. I forged another TwoFooter ring in 18k gold. Here are the before and after photos from Monday, and last night:

I also finished the first of many custom pieces – this one still from the summer! Here it is, mid-process:

A book that touches on conflict diamonds

And I received two really nice diamonds from Kevin, my new Canadian diamond merchant, whom I am very fond of. I will have to tell you about him!

I chosen him because he has the tightest tracking and is as concerned about ethics as I am. I bring this up because, as you may know, while I work with my hands, I often listen to audiobooks. I just finished this one:

If you have time, listen to this 18 minute interview with the author, Erum Shazia Hasan, on CBC’s The Next Chapter. This, her debut novel, was longlisted for the Giller Prize this year. The protagonist is an aid worker, and the novel touches on topics such as conflict diamonds and the tremendous suffering they cause. Thus, I found the book really very relatable.

Fairever wins a sustainability Award

It made me think of Florian Harkort from the German company Fairever, which is where I get my Fairmined gold and silver. Florian was an aid worker before he started this company. Encountering the suffering of small-scale miners, he used the fuel of his compassion to build a business which could help.

He found a solution in bringing together small Artisanal gold miners and goldsmiths. In founding Fairever, he makes it possible for me to get my hands on the most ethical gold I could find, and to then get this gold on your hands! Apparently I am not the only one who thinks this is impressive:

Fairever just won the prestigious German Sustainability Award! I am very proud of them.

“Our goal is to improve the living conditions for millions of workers and their families in mining regions”

Fairever writes in this blog post about the recognition. They make this ‘movement’ possible. I am glad that I can go to Fairever for my gold and silver!

Their and my reporting duties are labour intensive, it’s true, but it’s all worth it for the tremendous positive impact it has for the miners and their families.

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