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Dorothee Rosen Celebration Series Bling Jam

Custom vs Bespoke

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About once a week, I send a client away.

“What business owner in their right mind would do this??” you might ask.

One that has very thoroughly thought about what they enjoy doing,” I would reply.

And because the difference between custom and bespoke jewellery is so darn confusing, even though both journeys will result in a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Let me explain.

Dorothee Consulting for a Custom Jewellery Piece

What does bespoke jewellery mean?

Bespoke (“tailored to one’s needs” or “specially made for one person”) is a term borrowed from dressmaking or tailoring.

Only in recent years has it been used in other design disciplines.

The main difference between bespoke and custom is that bespoke connotes an item created uniquely for one person. A bespoke design may even be exclusively sold to one individual, not to be repeated or sold to another person ever again.

What does custom/customized jewellery mean?

Whereas a custom (or customized) design refers to a piece which is customized for individuals. A custom-designed piece is a new and unique version of an existing design.

I used to do bespoke designs, but now custom is what I offer.

You can choose which of my styles you would like, and then we work together to customize the details.

I find this process to be very satisfying for the customer and for myself.

In the série Script, OneFooter et Celebration Series, clients know well what to expect. With the Flow Series less so, because each piece is so unique, and the process so challenging, but the result will be more uniquely different from each other.

Gallery of Custom Jewellery >
Custom Rebirth Onefooter in 18k Yellow Gold by Dorothée Rosen
Gallery of Custom Jewellery >

Either way, everyone is happy.

So when someone calls looking for a bespoke piece, something they have thought out ahead of time and would like the jeweller to execute, I will send them to well-trusted colleagues who specialize in that type of design and creation. Everyone is then also happy!

And that’s what we want: to create joy.

Dorothee Rosen Celebration Series Bling Jam
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