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Square One

Materials and Process – Passions of a Goldsmith – that was the title of my graduating exhibition at NSCAD University’s Anna Leonowens Gallery in 2004.  So long ago! Good early perception, though: I already knew that my passion for the materials and processes of this amazing trade of gold/silver/copper/metal-smithing is what drives me.

My heart and soul went into my NSCAD U graduating exhibition

My heart and soul went into my NSCAD U graduating exhibition

That exhibition marked the end of a tremendously important time in my life.  It was hard to figure out the logistics to keep going following graduation, two kids in elementary school and suddenly no studio. But my passion kept driving me further. I set up a studio in the Arts Annex of the Seaport Market and kept working towards another solo exhibition two years later, this time at the Mary E. Black Gallery. It was a time of tremendous outpouring. I think I will post some photos from those shows, one of these days.

Tonight though, I happened to stumble across a poem which I wrote somewhere around that time. It’s a little intense – I hope you don’t mind my sharing it here. Even to myself when reading it again after quite some time, it illustrates what’s ‘behind it all’, this passion for a dialogue with the metal which drives me, and which – incidentally – is also what makes me happy. How lucky is that?

Gotta look for some of those still ‘listening’ moments in the next bit, I think.  I am so glad I found this. Brings me right back to square one. Best place to be, hands down.


And such is my passion for making

that the search for the right form to
emerge from the material before me

And such is my passion for making

that this search pains me in the
innermost center of my soul – the same place love hurts –

And such is my passion for making

that when I see a form which is perfect for
its moment in time and space
(some call this ‘good design’)
that such a perfect form brings the sun to my face.
I weep with joy over such good fortune.

And such is my passion for making

that I wither when I stop
that I dream it day and night
completely unshakable.

And such is my passion for making

that I drink its textures its sounds its weight its dirt
I drink them like nectar
like frozen Bombay Sapphire
never enough.

Such is my passion for making

that it hurts.

When I realized this
I became terrified.

Now I stand in awe
before the materials which are
pregnant with stories, laden with hidden forms.

I want to draw them out
I wish to help them emerge
I desire to see them.

I concentrate, still,
examining each step carefully
Listening intently.

Dorothée Rosen, 2006

At my bench in 2007. Photo by Paige Littlefair

At my bench in 2007. Photo by Paige Littlefair


Welcoming Fall, and the Birth of Ideas

I have to admit: as much as I adore heat, I love this time of year. The glory of summer is resting her weary head like a young girl after a night full of dancing, content. There is something about it that makes you turn inward.  Even when the days are still warm, you pull the cashmere around you in the early mornings, and turn up your collar on late afternoon walks.

As it gets colder outside, the way we cook changes, too: the dishes move from the stovetop to the oven, and spices change from fresh lemon peel to the warmth of cinnamon and star anise. I like to braise dishes in the Fall: long slow cooking in low ovens fills the house with delicious smells, and adds warmth so that I don’t yet have to turn the heat on. The spices I choose will warm from the inside.


Gotta love the colours of Fall

This season makes me slow down and reflect. I may cuddle up in a corner with a book, or linger in a hot bathtub. I will pull my journal out, which has gathered dust during the fast-moving summer. And I prepare for what, in my line of work, becomes the busiest season of the year.

But before things get really busy, I hope to put several days aside for a true luxury: to close down communications to be purely creative. I incubate with my ideas, turning off phone and computer, in order to meet the materials directly. I will come up with many things that I will discard. I will turn ideas in my hands and head, to play and work and turn and turn and turn things, until something comes out the other end which satisfies my desire to bring beauty to this world.

Oh, how very excited I am to be doing this in the coming weeks!  The prospect makes me look differently at everything in my daily life. It’s like my eyes are opened!

I this mess of strings very inspirational

Suddenly, this mess of strings is inspirational


I am intrigued by the luscious abundance of each bundle of stringed tags

I am intrigued by the luscious abundance of each bundle of stringed tags.

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