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Trunk Show at the Designer Craft Shop

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I love turkey! It’s been grand to eat it every day since our big dinner on Saturday. My daughters brought their best friends – it was a fabulous time!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal, with the 'family' of my daughters' best friends
We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal, with the ‘family’ of my daughters’ best friends

But now it’s back to work. I am getting ready for a trunkshow this weekend, at the shop of the Designer Craft Council. This lovely little store is right next door to Pier21, tucked in behind the antique railway car, and part of the Mary E. Black Gallery.

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council does a lot for local artisans – I am very grateful to them! And I love the fact that they have a store now. So, naturally, I am looking forward to spending the day there with a trunkshow.

It will be an opportunity to “meet the artist”, but I will also bring some things with me that the shop hasn’t had before, and I will bring a few items on sale! This is a rare opportunity, as my work almost never goes ‘on sale’.

One of the series that will be available at a discount price will be the Script Series. I created this series for an exhibition I had at this very gallery back in 2008. I had recently returned from a pilgrimage through India, where the many varied ways of writing had tickled my creative interest.

The scripts in colourful India become more and more rounded, the further South you go
The scripts in colourful India become more and more rounded, the further South you go

The exhibition, my first since graduating from NSCAD University, was a big deal for me. I had worked towards it for two years.

photo, script ring, jewellery, jewelry, silver
The Script rings during the opening reception. Photo courtesy of my then only thirteen year-old daughter Emma

And so it is perhaps fitting that the rings get an ending of sorts in that same space: I will be putting the last remaining Script rings on sale this Saturday for the trunk show. So if you’va always thought of getting one, this may be your lucky day!

They are just sooo much fun in gold!
I even have a couple of gold ones left! They’ll have a special price, too…

The trunkshow will run 11am – 4pm. However, since it will be the night of Nocturne, I may stick around for a bit longer …

See you there!

1061 Marginal Road
Saturday October 18th

Best selection, of course, for those who come first!


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  1. Emma has a great eye! And I love the gold rings, it looks as though they are bouncing along toward you. If you get a chance during or after your show, pop around the corner to Pier 21 to check out my exhibit “Who Is A Stranger?” Perhaps you can be our first visitor!

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