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Transmit Pearl & Coral Necklace || LOVE ME



As part of the exhibition “Automaton 20.21”, the 5 necklaces in this Series, with their depth of investigation, are more of an “art piece” than some of Dorothée’s other work.

In 2020,  Dorothée was invited to participate in a Spanish-Canadian co-exhibition entitled Automaton. Initially planned for a glamorous Opening at the prestigious Joya tradeshow in Madrid, Spain, the event fell victim to pandemic restrictions and was held virtually, instead. Unfortunately, it was available to view for one week, only.
There is a short presentation about the piece ici (the actual description begins 2min 45sec into the video).

The exhibition featured 10 artists – 5 Canadian and 5 Spanish. Each artist created a piece that represents the effects of new technologies on human behaviour, and its influences on fashion, the arts, the economy, consumption, and everyday life over the last 100 years. Automaton showcased these artist’s individual interpretations.

Dorothée’s interpretation relates to the plethora of data which surrounds us daily, the constant flow of communication.  There is information overload, expressed by pearl overload – 5 strands of 2.5m strands of freshwater pearls for a
total length of 12.5 metres.

Each strand contains a hidden message, spelled out in morse code with coral and long pearl beads – this one spells “Love Me”.
These messages refer to the hidden messages which lay beneath the almost automatic communications we send and receive daily, particularly via social media – beneath it is a longing for connection.

The piece relates to the 1920s in its use of pearls. The feather of the fascinator acts as the antenna for the data to flow into the human body.
The pieces can be worn in many different ways, including almost garment-like, or like armour. This freedom of wearability brings the piece into the 21st century with it individualized aesthetic.

Please note: all 5 necklaces in this Series are worn by the model in these images. Go to image gallery to see them all next to each other.

Dorothée says: “These are true one-of-a-kind pieces. I was able to really delve into the topic, and put my art history minor to good use.
I will not make them again – there were only 5, and only 4 of them are now left.”

Genuine Freshwater Pearls, 6-7mm AAA quality, strung with coral and genuine rice-shaped Freshwater pearls to spell in morse-code “Connection”.
Full length of necklace: 99″ or 2.5metres. When worn, the strand reaches to below the knee.

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Poids .370 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 3.5 cm



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