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Come see the new work!

Ah yes, it’s been a busy time in the studio. I have some brand new pieces I’d like to introduce to you. They are very much inspired by my recent forays into blacksmithing, see this previous post. You have a…

Forging in Annapolis Royal

To continue my mentoring in blacksmithing, I drove to Annapolis Royal to work with artist blacksmith Brad Hall.  This was my first day working with Brad, and it was equally as exciting to work with him, as is has been…

Four Blacksmithing Women, Bonding

Oh boy, did we have fun: four women, spending the day forging together! First, we went shopping for metal. For a materials-junkie like myself, that was half the thrill! Then we arrived in Lynn’s cozy forge cabin, which she built…

A hammer, a bow and arrow

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I went out to John Little’s shop to begin my mentoring in Blacksmithing, thanks to a grant I applied for and was granted, from Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage, Culture…

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Custom Gold Ring with Diamond and Sapphire
People tell me they make it their Sunday morning ritual to read my letters. It's a personal look into the life of an artist, with intimate stories, care tips, and of course some exclusive jewellery previews as well.