One-of-a-Kind #286 || 18K Yellow Gold One Footer Ring with 0.87ct Diamond, Size 7.25


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One-of-a-Kind #286 ||
Size 7.25

I usually set only certified Canadian diamonds, and they are generally in the quarter carat size range, unless it’s a special order. But I have really wanted to set a larger stone, so I went ahead! This one is 0.87ct

There is something else unusual about it: This 18k yellow gold Onefooter ring has, unusually, a laboratory-created diamond in it. Lab-created diamonds real diamonds (unlike their cheaper and much softer copies such as Moissanite or CZs), but instead of being extracted from the earth, causing serious disruption, these are created through heat and pressure in a laboratory. From a mineral/chemical point of view, they are exactly like a earth-found diamond, except a bit more environmentally clean.

And just like earth-found diamonds, this one has clarity, cut and colour to consider. This particular diamond has a clarity of SI2 and is a H colour. Like all my diamond rings, it comes with a certificate. For me personally and as a maker, the jury is out whether laboratory-created diamonds may be an even better choice than buying a certified Canadian diamond.

I am happy to custom-make a ring for you, should you need one in a different size or with a larger stone.  Custom Rings

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Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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