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One-of-a-Kind #21 || Sterling Onefooter Ring with princess cut unheated sapphire set in 18k yellow gold, Size 6.5


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One-of-a-Kind #21||
Size 6.5

When sapphires are found, they often contain inclusions called ‘silks’, which are remedied with the very acceptable treatment of heating the sapphire, which may also intensify its colour. It is not that often that sapphires are found which are clear and clean, and do not require heating. They are much more unusual. They are generally also more pale in colour.

The sapphire in this ring is such a sapphire: unheated.  It is pale blue in colour. Its cut is ‘princess’ – square. I do love the juxtaposition of  the square gem against the feminine qualities of the round wraps of this ring.  It created balance.

 This sterling silver hand-forged OneFooter ring is a size 6.5. As with all my rings with stones,  the sapphire is set in 18k yellow gold. 

This is one of the last remaining OneFooter rings in sterling silver. I have stopped making them in that material with gems – only gold from now on. So don’t hesitate if this one is tugging on your heart-strings!

Additional information

Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm