One-of-a-Kind #271 || Sterling Onefooter Ring with 3 spinels set in 18k yellow gold, Size 7.5

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One-of-a-Kind #271 ||
Size 7.5

I just love red spinel, I can’t help it. It just has such excellent fire (super sparkly), and is really quite a rare gem. It certainly is a well sought-after choice for gem connoisseurs. Spinel’s excellent durability makes it an ideal choice for all types of setting and jewellery styles, even though most consumers are unfamiliar with this wonderful gem.  In the past often mistaken for ruby, spinel has long been appreciated it for its incredible lustre, vast array of natural colours, and excellent toughness and stability.
In August 2016,  spinel joined peridot as an official birthstone for the month of August.

 This sterling silver ring is a size 7.5, and the spinels are set in 18k yellow gold. 

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Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Ring Size