Pièce Unique #283 \\ Bague Onefooter en argent sterling palladium avec Spinel, gr.6.5


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Pièce Unique #283
Grandeur 6.5

This dazzling, fiery red Spinel is a rare and gorgeous gem. Spinel resembles and can often be mistaken for a ruby, however is filled with a variety of natural colours. Its known for its durability, radiance, and shine. Onefooter ring, Palladium sterling silver, Size 6.5, with bright red 4mm spinel, set in 18k yellow gold bezel.

This is one of the last remaining OneFooter rings in sterling silver with a gem, so don’t hesitate. Want one in gold? Check my Custom Rings.

Information complémentaire

Poids .005 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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